October 20, 2014

Early Voting Starts Today, October 20th

Posted 14:35PM on October 20 2014 by Melissa Baldauff | User Comments (0)

Today, the polls opened for Early Voting. You can cast an in-person absentee ballot in your local municipal clerk’s office up until 5 pm on the Friday before the election, which in this case will be Friday, October 31st.

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October 08, 2014

Scott Walker Running From His Record On Jobs

Posted 14:45PM on October 08 2014 by Brandon Weathersby | User Comments (0)

With just four weeks until Election Day, Scott Walker is still in the toughest fight of his political career. The race for governor is a dead heat and the governor is facing the real possibility of losing in November.

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September 12, 2014

Another Deficit: Walker Pursues A Personal Agenda And Wisconsin's Fiscal Health Suffers

Posted 10:30AM on September 12 2014 by Brandon Weathersby | User Comments (1)

As the national economy continues to improve after the recession, Wisconsin finds itself being one of the few states with a deficit. The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released a memo showing that Governor Walker and the Republican legislature have created a nearly $1.8 billion structural deficit in the state budget.

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September 02, 2014

Back to School: Public Education Struggles To Survive Under Scott Walker

Posted 15:07PM on September 02 2014 by Brandon Weathersby | User Comments (4)

Summer officially ended for thousands of students as they headed to the bus stop this morning to fill classrooms in schools across Wisconsin. While it’s routine for schools to start educating young minds around this time of the year, some schools almost didn’t have the chance to see another school year thanks to Scott Walker. 

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