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January 30, 2012

Reveal Walker's Secret Email Network

It's time for Scott Walker to come clean with Wisconsinites about his criminal path to power.

On Thursday, prosecutors brought more charges against top Scott Walker aides as part of an ongoing criminal corruption probe into his administration that has now led to several arrests and fifteen felony charges.

The new criminal complaints reveal a "secret email network" set up just twenty-five feet from Scott Walker's office to systematically avoid open records requests and illegally campaign and raise cash on taxpayer time.


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January 27, 2012

New Research: Scott Walker's Criminal Path to Power

6 Walker Associates. 15 Felonies. 3 Misdemeanors. 

New research by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin answers the questions about Scott Walker's criminal path to power. 

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January 25, 2012

Democratic Response to Walker's State of the State Address

Posted 20:57PM on January 25 2012 by Peter Barca | User Comments (8) Tags: Peter barca, Recall scott walker, Scott walker, State of the state

Hello, I’m Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca with the Democratic response to Gov. Walker’s State of the State Address. 

This past year, the state of our state under Gov. Walker and Republican leaders has declined dramatically. Our state, previously recognized nationally as a leader in public education, healthcare and good government, is now polarized and broken. 

We are now among the top in the nation for damaging cuts to public education and our university system. And we are the only state in the entire country that has lost jobs every month for the past six months. 

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January 24, 2012

Scott Walker’s Corporate Cash Bonanza: $4.5 million raised in 5 weeks.

While grassroots volunteers from counties all across Wisconsin were standing out the in cold collecting more than 1.9 million signatures to save Wisconsin from Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch and his cronies in the state Legislature, Scott Walker was secretly flying all over the country on a corporate cash bonanza to put Wisconsin up for sale to the highest bidder.

The total haul for Scott Walker? More than $4.5 million in just five weeks, with 61% of that total coming from out of state. 

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January 23, 2012

Black and blue?

Posted 15:07PM on January 23 2012 by Maggie Brickerman | User Comments (1) Categories: Tommy Thompson | Tags: Petition, Recall scott walker, Scott walker, Threats, Tommy thompson

"When this is over, they are going to be black and blue. Black and blue!"

That's what Tommy Thompson said to a cheering crowd of Tea Party activists at a pro-Scott Walker rally this past weekend.

While our grassroots volunteers were out in the cold publicly collecting more than a million signatures to recall Scott Walker, they faced name-calling, harassment, and even threats of violence.

Enough is enough. Watch the shocking video of Tommy Thompson screaming, "Black and Blue!" below and sign our petition demanding an immediate apology:

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January 23, 2012

I recalled Walker bumper stickers

Posted 12:19PM on January 23 2012 by Mike Tate | User Comments (2) Categories: Recall HQ, Scott Walker | Tags: Bumper stickers, I recalled walker, Recall scott walker, Scott walker

Last week, your efforts over the past two months culminated in a historic victory for working, middle-class families all across America.

You recalled Scott Walker.

Show Scott Walker and Tea Party extremists that you stand with our people-powered movement, One Million Strong and growing, by claiming your limited edition "I recalled Walker" bumper sticker right now.

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January 20, 2012

Thank you card for recall volunteers

Posted 11:47AM on January 20 2012 by By Mike Tate, Maggie Brickerman, Mitch Wallace | User Comments (3) Categories: Recall HQ, Scott Walker | Tags: Election 2012, Elections, Recall scott walker, Scott walker, Tammy baldwin, U.s. senate, Wisconsin

The grassroots effort that successfully gathered a million signatures to recall Scott Walker was a resounding victory for working, middle-class families. More than 25,000 volunteers worked tirelessly over the last two months to collect, verify and prepare 1.9 million signatures  – a historic achievement. 

Tammy Baldwin started a thank you card for all of our recall volunteers. Maggie, Mitch and I signed our names to the card today. Will you join us by signing your name too and by passing along the thank you card to your friends and family? 

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January 17, 2012

One Million Strong to Recall Scott Walker

Posted 15:07PM on January 17 2012 by Mike Tate | User Comments (7) Categories: Recall HQ, Scott Walker | Tags: Recall scott walker, Scott walker

In Wisconsin, you have made a historic stand.

You stood up with the notion that one person could make a difference. You stood up for the unions that helped create the middle class. You stood up against the cynical notion that the big money polluting our democracy today must always win.

You stood up One Million Strong to recall Scott Walker.


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January 16, 2012

3,000 lbs of Democracy

Posted 15:40PM on January 16 2012 by Mike Tate | User Comments (3) Categories: Recall HQ, Scott Walker | Tags: Mike tate, Recall, Recall scott walker, Scott walker, Wisconsin

I'm at our undisclosed location in Madison right now where thousands of volunteers have been working around-the-clock to verify and prepare all of the signatures you have collected to recall Scott Walker.

We're still counting and verifying all of the signatures, but I do have some amazing news to share with you.

The weight of all the petitions you have circulated totals more than 3,000 lbs.

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January 13, 2012

The final tally

Posted 16:26PM on January 13 2012 by Mike Tate | User Comments (3) Categories: Recall HQ, Scott Walker | Tags: Fundraising deadline, January 17th, Recall scott walker, Scott walker

105,000 in the first 96 hours. 300,000 in the first 12 days. 507,000 in the first month.

On January 17th, the Recall Walker Committee will turn in all of the signatures more than 25,000 grassroots volunteers have collected from their friends and family to end Scott Walker's assault on working, middle-class families.

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