March 09, 2011

Statewide Call to Action - Thursday March 10

Posted 22:08PM on March 09 2011 by Melissa Baldauff | User Comments (497) Categories: Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Recall the Republican 8, Scott Walker

What we witnessed from the Senate Republicans last night was truly heinous. Seven decades of labor peace annihilated in less than five minutes, all to cement Scott Walker's divisive political overreach that has nothing to do with fixing Wisconsin's fiscal problems and everything to do with power-grabbing at the expense of working Wisconsin families. Today the Assembly will take up the so-called "budget repair" bill, stripped of fiscal provisions, that denies hard-working teachers, nurses and corrections workers the right to bargain collectively.

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March 08, 2011

Following Is A Statement From Senator Jauch On The Senate Democrats Ongoing Efforts To Protect Worker Rights:

Posted 17:33PM on March 08 2011 by Amanda Villa | User Comments (41) Categories: Democratic Party of Wisconsin

Following is a Statement from Senator Jauch on the Senate Democrats Ongoing Efforts to Protect Worker Rights:

I am doing my job in representing the citizens of northern Wisconsin who have overwhelmingly expressed opposition to Governor Walker's plan to eliminate collective bargaining. Thousands of citizens have contacted my office to oppose Governor Walker's plan and they have asked me to seek a solution. Statewide public opinion polls indicate that over 67% of the public strongly disapprove of his proposal.

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March 05, 2011

Recall the Republican 8

Posted 18:52PM on March 05 2011 by Melissa Baldauff | User Comments (106) Categories: Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, Recall the Republican 8

Citizens from around the state have taken the first steps by filing recall papers against key Republican Senators who stood with Scott Walker and pushed his partisan power grab that will strip thousands of middle class teachers, nurses, librarians and other workers of their right to collective bargaining. And we have now learned that their disastrous budget that will cut hundreds of millions from our schools and universities.

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