May 12, 2010

Trade Off

Posted 10:56AM on May 12 2010 by Rep. Tamara Grigsby | User Comments (8)

As Scott Walker prepares his taxpayer-funded campaign tour across Wisconsin, what is he leaving behind in Milwaukee? Years of mismanagement and neglect that have put some of the County’s most vulnerable people at risk.

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May 07, 2010

Top Stories of the Week

Posted 10:57AM on May 07 2010 by Sam | User Comments (1)

Wisconsin hero, Rep. Dave Obey, announced he would retire from Congress at the end of his term. Obey's has left behind a progressive and honorable legacy and has been one of Wisconsin's greatest voices. Read more

Congressman Steve Kagen introduced a bill this week, which if passed would increase transparency in health care pricing. The bill has already received bipartisan support and would increase efficiency and quality of care. Read more

The GOP gubernatorial race heated up this week as Scott Walker and Mark Neumann began their race to the bottom. In what the AP calls "the nastiest fight" between the two, Walker and Neumann traded public jabs over a series of calls made by the Neumann campaign to Republican Party of Wisconsin members. Read more

Protests took place in Madison and Milwaukee this week in opposition to a new immigration law passed by Arizona which encourages racial profiling. Read more

On Wednesday Governor Doyle signed a law that bans texting while driving in the state, saying it will raise awareness of the dangerous practice. When the law goes into effect December 1st, Wisconsin will be the 25th state to ban the practice. Read more

Plans to bring high-speed rail to Wisconsin continued to advance this week as it was announced Monona Terrace would be the location for train's stop in Madison. Read more

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