April 20, 2012

La Crosse Tribune: "Our View: State GOP policies hurting women"

Posted 14:15PM on April 20 2012 by Melissa Baldauff | User Comments (7) Categories: Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Recall HQ, Ron Johnson, Scott Walker, Sean Duffy , Tommy Thompson

At the same time that Wisconsin is leading the nation in job loss under Scott Walker, his Republican Party has salted the earth for economic development and instead focused on enacting extreme social policy that has devastated programs critical to women and children’s health, interfered in the relationship between women and their doctors and stripped pay equity protections for women, veterans, seniors and disabled workers.

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January 23, 2012

Black and blue?

Posted 15:07PM on January 23 2012 by Maggie Brickerman | User Comments (1) Categories: Tommy Thompson | Tags: Petition, Recall scott walker, Scott walker, Threats, Tommy thompson

"When this is over, they are going to be black and blue. Black and blue!"

That's what Tommy Thompson said to a cheering crowd of Tea Party activists at a pro-Scott Walker rally this past weekend.

While our grassroots volunteers were out in the cold publicly collecting more than a million signatures to recall Scott Walker, they faced name-calling, harassment, and even threats of violence.

Enough is enough. Watch the shocking video of Tommy Thompson screaming, "Black and Blue!" below and sign our petition demanding an immediate apology:

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January 09, 2012

What if Tommy Thompson Threw a 25th Anniversary Gala and Nobody Came?

Posted 11:47AM on January 09 2012 by Graeme Zielinski | User Comments (4) Categories: Tommy Thompson | Tags: Elections 2012, Phil collins, Scott walker, Tommy thompson, U.s. senate

That's what happened this weekend in a humid embarrassment for Tommy Thompson and the Republican Senate nomination.

For weeks, Thompson's bumbling campaign had been advertising Saturday's $50-per-head fiesta at the Concourse Hotel as a chance for everyone to get together to throw back highballs and kneel at the Altar of Tommy, harkening back to a time when welfare moms were on the run, Scott Walker was getting kicked out of Marquette student elections and high-speed rail was just a twinkle in Tommy's eye.

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December 05, 2011

A Different Tommy

Posted 16:26PM on December 05 2011 by Ryan Alexander | User Comments (2) Categories: Tommy Thompson | Tags: Flip-flip, Health care, Russ feingold, Stimulus, Tammy baldwin, Tommy thompson, U.s. senate, Wisconsin

Wisconsin voters might have fond memories of a popular Governor who once upon a time wasn't afraid to break from strict conservative ideology.

But sadly, after leaving Wisconsin Tommy Thompson admitted that Washington changed him. And just last week, while speaking to right-wing Republican spokesman Charlie Sykes, Tommy proclaimed, "I'm a different Tommy."

He wasn't kidding.

Tommy Thompson's positions are like the Wisconsin weather. If you don't like them, just wait a few hours.

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