October 10, 2011

You're the first to know: Recall Walker Now

After weeks of discussion and positive collaboration with grassroots activists like you, today comes an historic announcement.Help us reach our grassroots goal! Donate $11.15 now!

In just a few hours, I will go live on The Ed Shultz Show at 9:00 CST to announce that, in collaboration with United Wisconsin, the grassroots effort to recall Scott Walker will begin Nov.15th.

We wanted activists like you to be the first to hear the news because you know what it will take to win this fight.

In fewer than 37 days, we will need to organize, train and fund an army of grassroots volunteers who will need to collect more than 540,206 valid recall signatures.

Before I go on the air, can I count on you to make a donation of $11.15 towards our goal of raising $540,206 by Nov. 15th?


Wisconsin can't wait. Now is the time!

Mike Tate

Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin


Posted by Doug Clapp at 03:35PM on March 15 2012:

Dear Wis Dems:

I am Wisconsin born, raised and educated though I now live in Colorado. But I still have family roots in Wis and care about the corruption that has swept our historically progressive state. I’ve been contributing what I can, when I can, to the Walker Recall movement. Today I thought I’d send you a little ditty that I’d love to see people chanting on the Capitol Square!!! If it resonates with you guys…please feel free to use it!!

Doug Clapp
Parker, CO
Why Scotty Walker Doesn’t Like High Speed Trains…
Hear that train a’comin’, comin’ round the bend,
Gonna take ole Scotty Boy, off to the ‘sconsin pen.

He took the state for a ride, on down corruption road,
Campaigning that he’d work with unions, then he laid them low.
With fists full of dirty cash, on the people’s rights he trod,
But now the recall train is here, fin’ly by the grace of God.

Refrain: Hear that train a’comin’, comin’ round the bend,
Gonna take ole Scotty Boy, off to the ‘sconsin pen.

Posted by Mark Schmitz at 07:53PM on October 10 2011:

Turned 18 at the perfect time! Where do I sign? :)

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