January 17, 2012

One Million Strong to Recall Scott Walker

By Mike Tate

In Wisconsin, you have made a historic stand.

You stood up with the notion that one person could make a difference. You stood up for the unions that helped create the middle class. You stood up against the cynical notion that the big money polluting our democracy today must always win.

You stood up One Million Strong to recall Scott Walker.

Right now, volunteers from counties all across Wisconsin are turning in more than 1.9 million signatures to recall Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch and their right-wing cronies in the state legislature.

Make history with the more than one million Wisconsinites who are fighting to make a stand for working, middle-class families by making a donation of $5 or more right now.


One Million Strong To Recall Scott Walker

Scott Walker has not listened and has made a virtue of not listening to the people of Wisconsin and today you have made him listen.

This is a historic moment. By helping us gather more than a million signatures over the course of the last two months, you've joined the most-participated-in recall effort in American history.

But Scott Walker and his Koch-backed friends said you would fail. Walker himself belittled you. He said our people-powered movement was nothing more than a "small minority."

You faced intimidation. You stood up to name-calling, to foul behavior, to threats of violence.

You stood in the cold, you worked through a holiday season, you gave of your time, you gave of your passion for truth and fairness and for Wisconsin.

You persevered. You won. You made history.

Stand with the more than one million Wisconsinites who are taking the fight to Scott Walker and the extreme right-wing base of the Republican Party.

Make a donation of $5 or more before our critical fundraising deadline at midnight tonight.


Every single dollar you donate will go directly towards growing our One Million Strong people-powered campaign to defeat Scott Walker and put government back in the hands of the people, not the corporations.

Now let's win this thing!

Mike Tate

Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin  


Posted by Benjamin Phillips at 05:32PM on January 21 2012:

It warms my heart to see a nasty, souless, big business stooge like Scott Walker getting booted out of office. The Wisconsin Democratic Party has my support in this measure.

Wisconsin stood up, said in one voice, we will not go quitely into the night, we will live on, we WILL remove corrupt republicans like Scott Walker from office.

God Bless Wisconsin.

Warm Regards,

Benjamin A. Phillips.

Posted by Brad Wozniak at 07:49AM on January 18 2012:

Dear Mr. Tate-

I am very very happy that Mr. Walker has been recalled, I was one of the many who signed. There are ways to correct Wisconsin’s problems and we may not always like the solutions but what Mr. Walker has done is ridiculous.

However, for me there is now only one problem left to be solved in this issue that I personally haven’t heard a solution to.

That problem is this: Who do the Democrats have that would be a very strong candidate to run? Because in all honesty, unless we as Democrats have a strong candidate, sadly all of this will be for nothing whether Mr. Walker wins or losses the recall election,

Thank you for your time

Posted by Steve Broadwell at 07:12AM on January 18 2012:

I am not sure I understand the mentality. We now have a balanced budget. Jobs saved. etc, etc, etc. Why should I pay for your pension? As an employee at an American Manufacturer, I get no pension. Why should I pay for your health care? I pay $450.00 per month for my health care. Why should you be able to negotiate for these things? I take what I am offered.
If teachers got into teaching for the free stuff at the liberal food trough, then they did not get into this noble profession for the right reason. I am frankly sick and tired of all the people in this country with their hands out, asking for stuff from others. Where do all the union members think all this money comes from that they demand?
It is truly a tragedy what has happened to this country. Gimme, gimme, gimme…it’s all MY RIGHT. Our rights include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…nothing more.

Posted by travis at 01:03AM on January 18 2012:

over one million? lets not be so modest….
nearly two million!

Posted by Tony Parisi at 03:47PM on January 17 2012:

I am guessing this is a typo 1.9 million, almost 2 million.

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