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January 24, 2013

A John Doe Recap: Scott Walker and Tim Russell

Posted 11:58AM on January 24 2013 by Melissa Baldauff | User Comments (1) Categories: Scott Walker

Scott Walker’s closest political associate, Tim Russell, was on Tuesday sentenced to two years in prison for his role in the ongoing John Doe criminal corruption probe. Questioned about Russell’s prison term, Walker’s campaign acknowledged that Walker is still fully cooperating with prosecutors, an indication that the criminal probe into Scott Walker’s current and former administrations is not over.

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December 05, 2012

Scott Walker Mismanagement: The Milwaukee County Files

Posted 14:26PM on December 05 2012 by Melissa Baldauff | User Comments (14) Categories: Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Scott Walker

The news that Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation has lost track of $56.2 million in taxpayer-funded loans is disturbing, but for anyone who’s paid attention to Scott Walker’s history of failures, incompetence and mismanagement, it’s certainly not shocking.

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November 05, 2012

The Election Through the Eyes (and Votes) of Eighth Graders

Posted 19:35PM on November 05 2012 by Steven Potter | User Comments (6)

While thousands gathered to see President Barack Obama at an election eve campaign stop in downtown Madison, I spent my morning doing something just as equally inspiring: talking to local 8th graders about politics and the results of their recent mock election for president.

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