June 10, 2014

250,000 Jobs or Bust: Scott Walker Takes Credit for Mary Burke's Jobs Creation

Posted 10:30AM on June 10 2014 by Brandon Weathersby | User Comments (0)

The past three years under Walker’s leadership has been a disaster for our great state. Wisconsin currently has the second-worst rate of job growth in the Midwest, and is lagging behind the rest of the country at 35th in the nation in job creation. With less than a year left to deliver on his central campaign promise, the latest data shows that so far Wisconsin has added less than half of the jobs Scott Walker pledged to create during his first term.    

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June 09, 2014

Thanks For Another Successful State Convention

Posted 18:00PM on June 09 2014 by Brandon Weathersby | User Comments (0)

Congratulations on another successful State Convention! This year’s convention in the Dells has truly been one of our best to date. We had the opportunity to unite to celebrate our past successes, and also focus on shaping the future of Wisconsin. 

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May 07, 2014

Scott Walker Touts Entrepreneurship, Ignores 46th in the Nation Ranking

Posted 14:54PM on May 07 2014 by Brandon Weathersby | User Comments (1)

In Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, it’s the absence of new small businesses and entrepreneurial activity that is driving our economy – down. The most recent federal jobs data shows Wisconsin lagging behind the rest of the nation and our neighbors in the Midwest as we rank 9th out 10 Midwest states on job creation and 35th in the nation overall.

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