April 03, 2014

Glenn Grothman's Twenty Years of Infamy

Posted 16:21PM on April 03 2014 by Brandon Weathersby | User Comments (1)

Grothman, the number two Republican in Scott Walker’s rubber-stamp Senate, has made a career of saying outlandish, offensive, and out of touch statements. In his twenty years in the legislature, Grothman has built his power and influence by pandering to the most extreme elements of his Republican base. 

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March 16, 2014

Paul Ryan: Failed ideas, failed leadership

Posted 12:00PM on March 16 2014 by Brandon Weathersby | User Comments (3)

Last week, Congressman Paul Ryan fired the most recent shot in his months-long attack on America’s low-income children and families. Ryan’s office released a 200-page overview of social safety net programs have given a helping hand to millions of low-income American families. The report construes the facts in order to present many of those programs as redundant, ineffective, and actually keep people in poverty.

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