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December 11, 2013

Scott Walker Has Been Anti-Women From The Start

Posted 17:42PM on December 11 2013 by Brandon Weathersby | User Comments (0)

While in the governor’s office, Scott Walker has made multiple attacks on women’s rights with his out-of-touch positions on contraception, forced transvaginal ultrasounds, and access to safe legal abortions. Walker has shown that he will not budge when it comes to letting women make their own private health choices.

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December 08, 2013

Walker’s Uninsured Wisconsin

Posted 16:46PM on December 08 2013 by Brandon Weathersby | User Comments (0)

After calling a special Assembly Session that neglected to guarantee healthcare for the neediest citizens in the state, Gov. Walker's Wisconsin is on track to be less insured than some of our neighbors in the Midwest.

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December 04, 2013

Scott Walker to Wisconsin families: “Bah Humbug”

Posted 16:50PM on December 04 2013 by Brandon Weathersby | User Comments (0)

Scott Walker’s 2013 biennial budget refused this funding. Walker’s decision cost the taxpayers of Wisconsin $149 million in savings, and kicked nearly one hundred thousand Wisconsinites to the curb, leaving them to fend for themselves and find individual insurance policies.

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November 26, 2013

Wisconsin is Left Behind By Scott Walker, Yet Again

Posted 14:32PM on November 26 2013 by Brandon Weathersby | User Comments (4) Categories: Scott Walker | Tags: Economy, Jobs

Scott Walker has been busy lately. Following the release of his book, he spent the last week promoting his twisted version of reality, delightfully reveling in every morsel of the media spotlight he could muster. All this, of course, was the precursor to Walker’s campaign for President. But while Scott Walker was occupied promoting himself across the country, Wisconsin was dealt yet another in a series of disappointments- the most recent data shows private sector job creation slowing by more than third - a three year low.

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