2015 Advance Democratic Leadership Institute
November 6th, 7th, and 8th
AFSCME Headquarters: 8033 Excelsior Drive, Madison, WI

Join a New Generation of Leaders

For the past 17 years, the Advanced Democratic Leadership Institute (ADLI) has been at the forefront in training a new generation of leaders. ADLI offers a weekend long intensive training designed to simulate a full campaign in one weekend. After completing the training, attendees will be equipped with the tools they need to manage campaigns of their own. 

This will be a vital year in Wisconsin: ADLI is your chance to begin working towards a Democratic victory for the 2016 elections. Ensuring that Wisconsin’s next generation of leaders have the necessary skills and connections will help ensure success here in Wisconsin and in our nation’s capitol. In addition, you will have a rare opportunity to meet the people in politics that will be making their hiring decisions in the future. 

Learn the Keys to Success

  • Learn how to run a smart, effective campaign
  • Gain an understanding of successful grassroots organizing tactics
  • Acquire beneficial knowledge of campaign fundraising and outreach
  • Hear how to maximize media coverage and frame your message
  • Meet the professionals in politics that will be making hiring decisions in the future

Who’s Eligible?
Anyone with two of the following requirements:

  • Anyone who has attended the Democratic Leadership Institute
  • Anyone who has an elected official, political organization, or staff member sponsor them
  • Anyone with a political job lined up for the 2016 election cycle

Click Here to Apply Online.
All applications must be submitted by  Friday, October 23rd.

In addition to the application, participants are required to email their current resumes to [email protected] by the application deadline 

All individuals age 18-35 who are Wisconsin residents or attending a Wisconsin college are eligible to apply

Cost is $125 for participants of all ages. Participants can pay for themselves or raise the funds to cover the cost which covers two nights lodging and all meals.* *Scholarships are available

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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