The following are the results from the State Party election, held on Saturday, June 3rd, 2017. The term for all DPW officer positions begins on July 1, 2017 and runs for two years. The DNC position begins immediately and runs through the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Thank you to all candidates for running.

DPW Chair
Joe Donovan - 48 votes
Eric Finch - 50 votes
Bryan Kennedy - 569 votes
Martha Laning - 722 Votes

DPW 1st Vice Chair
Rep. David Bowen - declared the winner. Position must be opposite gender from Chair position. Rep. Bowen was the only male candidate for 1st Vice Chair.

DPW 2nd Vice Chair
Mandela Barnes - uncontested

DPW Secretary
Meg Andrietsch - 813 votes
Antia Klein - 546 votes

DPW Treasurer
Randy Udell - uncontested

Special Election for DNC Member
Adam Brabender - 23 votes
Luke Fuszard - 492 votes
Peter Peckarsky - 189 votes
Khary Penebaker - 672 Votes