2022 State Convention Frequently Asked Questions

Can I volunteer for Convention?

Yes, if you’re interested in volunteering for Convention, please submit the form below, and someone will reach out to you.

State Convention Volunteer Form: CLICK HERE

As a reminder — you get FREE ADMISSION to the State Convention, as long as you complete one shift!

Will I be able to attend the Convention virtually?

While the State Convention is currently being planned as an in-person event at the La Crosse Center, we are also offering select programming online.

If you plan to join the State Convention virtually please indicate as such in this formYou will be sent an email soon with registration information!

Please note: online Convention attendees WILL NOT have to pay the Convention fee in order to attend online.

How do I attend State Convention in person?

To attend State Convention in person as a guest or a delegate, you must 1) pay your Convention fee and 2) provide proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations. 

If you did not submit your COVID-19 vaccination proof online before the Monday, May 13th deadline, you must bring proof of vaccination with you to the Convention site to be admitted.

Pay Your State Convention Fee: CLICK HERE

Once you pay your Convention fee at the link above, you can plan to pick up your credential when you register on site during Convention weekend.

Your credential will mark whether you are a delegate or a guest, and will serve as your ticket for the weekend.

What do Delegates do?

Delegates to the State Convention will join WisDems staff, grassroots leaders, volunteers, elected officials, candidates, and more at the La Crosse Center on Saturday & Sunday, June 25th & 26th, in-person or virtually.

During the Convention, delegates will help shape our party’s policy priorities by voting on our platform and resolutions. 

In addition to considering resolutions and platform amendments, delegates will have the opportunity to join skills trainings and caucus & party unit meetings throughout the weekend, and will hear live from grassroots leaders, WisDems officers, elected officials, primary candidates, and much, much more.

How many Delegates are there?

According to the DPW Bylaws, delegates are apportioned to each county based off of vote totals in the last statewide senatorial election, and in proportion to the registered number of members in that county for the previous year.

There are also “auto delegates,” which – as outlined in the Bylaws in Article IV, Section 2 (c) – are members of the US Congress, the Wisconsin State Legislature, state constitutional officers, current chairs of county parties, and members of DPW’s Administrative Committee. These delegates do not count toward the delegate allotment of each county.  

These delegate numbers are the same for both Congressional District Conventions and State Convention.

Click here to see this year’s delegate allotments for Congressional District & State Conventions.

Please note that delegate allocations for this year’s state & CD conventions have been calculated based off of vote totals from the congressional district lines that have been in place for the past decade. Delegates who have been redrawn into new districts are encouraged to attend the conventions of their new districts as guests. Starting in 2023 we will proceed using the vote totals based off of the 2022 Senate race with the new maps for calculating delegate allocations.

How are Delegates selected?

To register your interest in being a delegate, please submit the 2022 Delegate Request Form prior to May 27, or reach out to your County Party Chair prior to June 4. 

The information the WisDems collects through the Delegate Request Form will be shared with your County Party Chair, who has final authority on which individuals from their county are named as State Convention delegates. Per Article IV, Section 2 of the DPW Bylaws, delegate status preference is given to attendees of CD Conventions, though State Convention delegates are not required to attend CD Conventions in order to attend State Convention. 

Any member of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is eligible to become a delegate, as long as their dues are current as of June 11, 2022. See the deadlines section below to learn more about how to ensure that your dues are paid.

Delegates must also purchase a Convention ticket to attend the Convention.

Important Convention Dates & Deadlines

March 27: Constitutional amendment deadline for counties
March 27 – June 4: CD Conventions
April 26: Convention Committees appointed
May 26: C&B Committee sends const. amendments to county chairs
May 26: Credentials Committee appointed
May 27: Deadline for Accommodations Request Form
May 27: Deadline for Convention Additional Participation Form
May 27: Deadline for Cost Assistance Form
June 4: Rules approval deadline
June 4: Delegate submission deadline
June 11: Delegate membership deadline
June 18: Delegate challenge deadline
June 25 & 26: State Convention in LAX

What are CD Conventions?

Click this link to learn more about this year’s CD Conventions!

What is an alternate delegate?

Alternate delegates, or “alternates” for short, serve in the place of a voting delegate in the event that the voting delegate is unable to attend the Convention. If every delegate is able to attend, alternates have no responsibilities or voting rights. 

Each county is able to select as many alternates as they can regular delegates, and alternates are bound by the same membership and registration deadlines as regular delegates. If you would like to be listed as an alternate to the 2022 State Convention, please reach out to your County Party Chair. 

What if I still have unanswered questions?

If your question wasn’t answered by this FAQ section, you can send an email to stateconvention@wisdems.org and WisDems Party Affairs staff will respond as soon as possible.