The College Democrats of Wisconsin Executive Board is elected at our annual convention and consists of members from campuses across the state. Contact information for members of our executive board can be found under their profiles. For all press inquiries, email Communications Director Jake McGuire at [email protected] or call 715-966-1936.

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Chair: Shea Senger

Shea Senger is a junior studying Political Science at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire. Growing up in the conservative suburbs of Milwaukee, Shea realized at a young age that his thoughts were strongly in line with the Democratic Party. He joined the UWEC College Democrats as soon as he could, and became quite active in the organization. Shea then ran for the position of Second Vice Chair of the College Democrats of Wisconsin as a freshman, winning that race and joining the executive board of CDW. He would then go on to getting hired as a campus organizer for the 2016 presidential eledction, helping turnout students to vote across the UWEC campus.

Why I'm A Democrat:


Vice Chair: 

Why I'm A Democrat:


Second Vice Chair: Eliana Locke


Eliana Locke is a junior studying Political Science at UW-Madison. In high school, Eliana began her involvement in Democratic politics when she served as a page in Maryland's State Assembly. Eliana joined College Democrats as soon as she stepped on campus in the fall of 2015. As a sophomore, she served as Press Secretary for her chapter, and is now Vice Chair. She loved canvassing for national and local Democratic candidates in Wisconsin during the 2016 cycle, as well as helping register a record number of students on her campus. 


Why I'm A Democrat:

" I'm a Democrat because I believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation, or what family they were born into. I am proud to be a member of a party that woks so hard to ensure that all Americans can easily exercise their right to vote. I believe the Democratic Party is the only party working towards change that will move our country in a direction that is beneficial to its entire population."

Communications Director: Jake McGuire



Jake McGuire is a junior attending UW-Eau Claire, and pursuing a double major in Political Science and Organizational Communication. Having grown up moving from one rural, conservative Wisconsin town to the next, Jake was extremely excited to become a member of College Democrats from day one in Eau Claire. But his first experience in Democratic politics was long before that when his parents brought him down to Madison to take part in the Act 10 protests. It was this event, and seeing the passion of the the other protesters, that made him so passionate about Democratic politics, and the proud progressive he is today. Jake brought this passion with him to college, and was very active in the UW-Eau Claire College Dems throughout his freshman year. He went on to become a fellow for the Coordinated Campaign, working for Hillary Clinton and Russ Feingold in Eau Claire over the summer. Then, this past fall, he was elected Chair of the UW-Eau Claire College Democrats. Jake continued to work with the Coordinated Campaign as Chair, and assisted in voter registration and visibility on campus, all while organizing and growing his chapter. Now, he remains Chair of UW-Eau Claire College Democrats, as well as being the Communications Director for College Democrats of Wisconsin.

Why I'm A Democrat:

"I am a Democrat because I value public education for all. I grew up in a family that now consists of three generations of educators, and we have seen and felt firsthand the devastating effects Republicans have had on the education system. We won't get anywhere as a country if we attack what is at the very core of our success, and the Democratic Party is the only party that understands this. I am also a Democrat because we are the only party that truly is an ally to our marginalized communities. This country is strongest when we stand together, and in order to do this, we must level out the playing field and ensure that all people have an equal opportunity to succeed." 

Finance Director: Stephanie Boebel

Stephanie Boebel is a junior at UW-La Crosse studying Political Science, and a minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. During her senior year of high school, Stephanie got her start in politics as an intern for Mary Burke's 2014 campaign against Scott Walker. It was through this experience that she realized the importance of organizing and found her passion for Democratic politics. She carried this passion with her, and joined UW-L's College Democrats chapter right when she got to campus. As a freshman, she was elected Vice Chair of UW-La Crosse College Democrats, and worked with the executive board to build and strengthen the chapter. During the 2016 election, she worked as an intern for Congressman Ron Kind's re-election campaign. She currently serves as the Local Affairs Director for UW-L's Student Association, where she works to increase student awareness and participation in local government. Stephanie is now CDW's Finance Director, working to ensure Dollege Democrats across the state have the resources they need to succeed. Stephanie is fired up and ready to get to work electing progressive Democrats in 2018!

Why I'm A Democrat:

" I am a Democrat because I believe everyone deserves a fair shot at the American Dream. America does best when all of us are given an equal opportunity to succeed. I believe that the Democratic Party stands for the progressive values of compassion, empathy, and community. As a college student, I've seen firsthand the effects of a system that works against students from marginalized backgrouds. I believe that quality higher education should be accessible to everyone. I am proud to work for a party that fights for issues such as reproductive justice, access to healthcare, and voting rights. Above all, the Democratic Party is fighting for a future rooted in equality where everyone is stronger together."

Northwest Regional Director: Reed White


Reed White is a junior at UW-Eau Claire studying Political Science. He is currently the Vice Chair of the UWEC College Democrats, and was formely an intern during the 2016 election cycle. Reed got his start in politics while growing up in Madison, and his passion for Democratic politics drove him to run for the position of Northwest Regional Director. 

Why I'm A Democrat:


Southwest Regional Director: Brianna Koerth



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Northeast Regional Director: Gillian Hines

Why I'm A Democrat:

Southeast Regional Director: Sam Langheim


Sam Langheim is a junior at Marquette University, who is majoring in political science. He has lived in Wisconsin after moving her from Illinois when he was ten, and has called it home ever since. His mother is an ER pharmacist and his father is a 1st grade teacher. Sam was raised in a very conservative family, and always considered himself an independent. That all changed his second year of junior college when Bernie Sanders announced his presidential campaign. Sam has proudly identified as a Democrat ever since then. He began to get more politically involved as a result if Sanders' candidacy, and joined Wisconsin Student Government at his junior college where he held the position of Lieutenant Governor. Once he was accepted to Marquette, he was eager to learn more about the political process and get involved with the Clinton campaign. The first club he joined was the Marquette University College Democrats, and through them he has found his place on campus. People from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life were passionately dedicated to this club and spreading progressive ideology on and off campuds, little did Sam know their passion was contagious. That semester he offered his apartment to be used as a staging location for the Clinton campaign, and had the privilege of working with organizers and volunteers, getting to know them, and learning everyday what it meant to be a Democrat. By the end of his first semester at Marquette, he was elected to be Vice Chair of the Marquette Dems, but has since resigned to focus on his new position as CDW's Southeast Regional Director.

Why I'm A Democrat:

 "I am a Democrat because I believe in a society that is based around compassion, loyalty, courage, and love. The people I have met during my short time with CDW have shown me the power of community and family. These are principles we all hold dear to us, not just as Democrats, but as human beings. When I joined CDW, I received nothing but love and acceptance; if we can create an environment in which love and acceptance is spread to all corners of America and utilize it as a fundemental pillar of how we govern, then the sky is the limit for what we can accomplish."