Contact: Joseph Waldman, Communications Director
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In response to Gov. Scott Walker's "State of the State" address and proposal to remove the cap on tax-deductible student loan interest, College Democrats of Wisconsin Chair Phoenix Rice-Johnson released the following statement:

"With our governor's short-lived presidential campaign behind him, we had hoped he would finally use his "State of the State" address to discuss serious plans to make college more affordable, especially for students struggling with the aftermath of his UW System cuts. Instead, Gov. Walker attempted to convince young Wisconsinites to abandon meaningful student debt reform in favor of a proposal so weak that it would deny 97% of student loan holders any form of relief."

"For years now, students have waited for Scott Walker and his legislative allies to propose policies to address student debt. Wisconsin Republicans have repeatedly blocked the Democratic "Higher Ed, Lower Debt" plan, which would allow Wisconsin's nearly one million student loan holders to refinance their loans at lower interest rates, potentially saving borrowers hundreds of dollars a year."

"After years of inaction, obstruction, and unprecedented cuts to higher education, the only reform Republicans can accept denies help to 97% of loan holders. It's embarrassingly ineffective as a policy and transparent as an election year political scheme for Republican legislators to target young Wisconsinites. If Wisconsin Republicans think such weak measures are truly a replacement for serious student loan reform, they are beyond out-of-touch."