In response to yesterday's Wisconsin primary election, College Democrats of Wisconsin Chair Phoenix Rice-Johnson released the following statement.

"I would like to congratulate Senator Bernie Sanders on his victory in the Wisconsin primary. Over the past several months, the substantive, civil, and issue based campaigns of our party's two candidates have made me proud to be a Democrat. 

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have both made impressive efforts to engage younger voters and make college affordability a central issue of the 2016 election. Both have also shown a commitment to making America a more fair, inclusive place for women, people of color, LGBTQ Americans, and other marginalized groups. No matter who the Democratic nominee is in November, College Democrats can feel confident and enthusiastic about the direction of their party.

Yesterday's primary was also testament to the stark contrasts of this presidential race. Across the state, we saw the results of years of Republican voter suppression efforts targeted at students, people of color, and low income Wisconsinites. Massive cuts to early voting hours resulted in longer lines and Wisconsin's voter ID law created confusion at the polls. This unfortunately was inevitable. Republican lawmakers have continued their refusal to fund the voter ID awareness campaigns they had previously promised. They have given up on reaching out to students and have instead focused on preventing us from making our voices heard.

First and second place in the Republican primary went to the two most extreme, out-of-touch, and terrifying presidential candidates in recent memory. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have both used racism, bigotry, and xenophobia to score political points. Their hateful and divisive rhetoric towards Muslims and immigrants is contrary to the values of young Wisconsinites.

Going forward, College Democrats of Wisconsin will continue to mobilize young Wisconsinites for the November election. We will fight back against Republican voter suppression efforts and work to make sure every student has access to the ballot."