Contact: Joseph Waldman, Communications Director
347-844-3741, [email protected]
June 4, 2015

 On Friday, May 29th, Republicans on the Wisconsin State Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee passed a $250 million cut to the UW System and removed key tenure protections from state law. In addition to eliminating the tenure protections, proposed language changes weaken the power of shared governance between students, faculty and their universities. The UW system has seen its funding diminished in six of the last seven budgets, with this year's cuts ranking among the largest in state history. College Democrats of Wisconsin Vice Chair Tyler Smith released the following statement calling on legislators to reject the Joint Finance Committee's proposal. 

"The new proposal from Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee is just as devastating as Walker’s original budget proposal. While Democrats push for laws to reduce the burden of student debt, Republican legislators have once again demonstrated a clear failure to prioritize education. Our elected officials should not be debating the merits of various dangerous proposals to slash UW funding; they should be listening to the concerns of students and educators and working to make college affordable. 

Equally concerning are the additional tenure changes predicted to drive the nation’s top professors far away from Wisconsin. Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee haven’t just failed students, they’ve failed everyone in our state who will miss out on the innovation brought by brightest minds in science and engineering. Legislators should reject these cuts and work towards a budget that protects the interests of students, families, and everyone else who benefits from a strong UW System.”