Contact: Danny Levandoski, LGBT Caucus Director

[email protected]
June 5th, 2015

College Democrats of Wisconsin LGBT Caucus Director Danny Levandoski released the following statement thanking Caitlyn Jenner for her work to bring attention to transgender issues and congratulating her on her decision to come out as a transgender woman.

“I would like to congratulate Caitlyn Jenner on her courageous decision and thank her for all she's done to bring attention to transgender issues. Unfortunately, much of the response to Jenner's coming out has highlighted how much work needs to be done to ensure equality for transgender Americans. Amidst celebrations of the first anniversary of marriage equality in Wisconsin, individuals have attacked Caitlyn Jenner and her identity as a trans woman. Some have referred to Caitlyn by her given birth name “Bruce,” even using he/his/him pronouns in reference to her.

The struggles faced by the transgender community are absolutely abhorrent, and we stand with them against travesties such as housing discrimination, lack of healthcare options, and the lack of visibility and gender identity acceptance. Transgender individuals not only have to live everyday with these unfair practices, but are also saddled with the burden of having their bodies constantly policed. Nobody should have to go through life lying about who they truly are for fear of persecution.

We call on the Wisconsin State Legislature to work to fight discrimination against the transgender, gender fluid, agender, and gender nonconforming communities. We ask that people across the state begin to recognize the struggles of the non cisgender community and stand with them against injustice."