Contact: Joseph Waldman, Communications Director
347-844-3741, [email protected]
June 7, 2015

On June 5th and 6th, members of College Democrats of Wisconsin attended the 2015 Democratic Party of Wisconsin Convention in Milwaukee. Chapters in attendance included UW-Madison, UW-Eau Claire, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Whitewater, UW-Stevens Point, UW-La Crosse, UW-Oshkosh and Edgewood College. On Friday, members heard from prominent Democratic elected officials and candidates, including Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, State Senator Jennifer Shilling, Representative Mark Pocan, Representative Gwen Moore, Senator Tammy Baldwin, and Former Senator Russ Feingold.
On Saturday, CDW Vice Chair Tyler Smith spoke to delegates on the significance of the 2016 election for young Wisconsinites. In his speech, Smith recalled the importance of the 'Wisconsin Idea' to Wisconsin's history and values. 'The Wisconsin Idea shows us that a commitment to improving life for middle class families isn’t just a progressive value or a Democratic value. It’s a Wisconsin value. That’s why it’s so telling that Gov. Scott Walker tried to remove it from our university mission.'

Smith decried Scott Walker's UW System cuts, predicting they would 'undermine our world class universities and force bright, dedicated working class students out the UW system altogether.' Smith highlighted Scott Walker's apparent lack of concern for students, telling delegates, 'it's become clear to all of us that our governor cares more about campaign donors in Iowa than he does about students in his own state.' Smith concluded by emphasizing the importance of youth voter turnout and calling on party members to take action in 2016. 'The fact is, when young people vote, Democrats win. Mitt Romney and Tommy Thompson found that out on election night.'
After the speaking program concluded, College Democrats participated in the elections for Chair and Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. CDW Vice Chair Tyler Smith released a statement congratulating the new DPW Chair, Martha Laning, and thanking outgoing chair Mike Tate for his service to the Democratic Party and the state of Wisconsin.
"I congratulate Martha Laning on becoming our new Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair. I'm confident that her enthusiasm, intelligence, and dedication will lead our party to new heights. I look forward to working with Martha to strengthen our presence statewide and ensure record campus turnout in 2016.
I would also like to thank Mike Tate for his long record of service to our state and our party. As a former CDW Chair, Mike Tate always understood the importance of youth engagement in the electoral process. Mike proved himself a steadfast advocate for young people and was instrumental in leading pro-student candidates like Tammy Baldwin and Barack Obama to victory in Wisconsin in 2012. We're grateful for all Mike Tate has done to improve life for young people in our state and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. He will continue to serve as an inspiration and role model for passionate young party activists on campuses across the state."