Contact: Joseph Waldman, Communications Director

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July 13th, 2015  


Today, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker officially announced his candidacy for President of the United States. In response to Walker's announcement, College Democrats of Wisconsin Vice Chair Tyler Smith released the following statement.


"Scott Walker's presidential campaign announcement comes as a surprise to no one -- he's been ignoring his constituents to campaign for president for several years now. In today's announcement, he's already begun his attempt to spin his catastrophic failure in Wisconsin as a success. In the next few months, he'll brush under the rug his cuts to public universities, multiple investigations, and failure to create jobs. He'll try to pander to young Americans while championing policies that hike their tuition, increase their student debt, and make it harder for them to vote. It's up to young Wisconsinites to show our peers in other states the real Scott Walker -- an out-of-touch, far right politician who brought the worst brand of toxic and divisive politics to Wisconsin.


Since his election, Scott Walker has stopped at nothing to implement his extreme ideological vision. In doing so, he has been the worst governor for young people in recent memory. He slashed $250 million from public universities in 2011 and 2015 and consistently ignored legislation to reduce the burden of student debt for Wisconsin's over 800,000 student loan holders. He launched an unprecedented assault on women's health care by slashing Planned Parenthood funding and requiring invasive and medically unnecessary ultrasounds for women receiving an abortion.

He ignored job creation in favor of divisive attacks on working families, allowing our state to plummet to the bottom of the Midwest in job growth and ensuring a miserable job market for new graduates. He signed voting restrictions specifically tailored to prevent young people from voting, included one of the strictest voter ID laws in the country and massive cuts to early voting hours. He fought marriage equality until the very end, even proposing a constitutional amendment to allow states to strip LGBT Wisconsinites of their right to marry the person they love.


Behind every Scott Walker policy are the real people affected by it. There are students who can no longer afford a world-class college education due to Scott Walker's cuts to public universities. There are young women who lost their access to affordable reproductive healthcare when their Planned Parenthood clinic shut down. There are recent graduates struggling under the burden of student debt who are unable to find a job in Scott Walker's economy.


I welcome Scott Walker to the packed clown car of Republican presidential candidates. Over the next year, College Democrats of Wisconsin will continue to show our peers across the country the damage Scott Walker has done to our state. Scott Walker can spin his failed policies all he wants, but I'm confident my fellow young Americans won't be fooled."