Contact: Joseph Waldman, Communications Director

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July 12th, 2015

Today, Scott Walker signed the 2015-17 Wisconsin State Budget passed by the Republican controlled Wisconsin State Legislature. The budget slashes funding for the University of Wisconsin by $250 million and is predicted to lead to faculty layoffs, tuition hikes, and deep cuts to vital programs. In response to Scott Walker's decision to sign the budget, College Democrats of Wisconsin Vice Chair Tyler Smith released the following statement.

"Scott Walker just signed the worst budget for students in recent memory. By cutting $250 million from the UW System, our governor has sent the nation a dangerous message -- that Wisconsin no longer views affordable, high quality education as a priority. While Scott Walker travels the country campaigning for president, young Wisconsinites will struggle to cope with tuition hikes, program cuts, and decreased financial aid.

This fight isn't over -- College Democrats of Wisconsin will continue to work hard to hold Scott Walker accountable for his unprecedented attack on our world-class public universities. In 2016, I'm confident that young Americans will see past the spin and judge Scott Walker by damage he has inflicted upon the students in his own state."