2016 County Caucus Results

Below are the results from the April 17, 2016 County Caucuses. The following delegates (and any alternates chosen to be raised) are eligible voters for the May 1st Congressional District Caucuses. Those denoted with an asterisk (*) filed a statement of intent and pledge of support form before the April 8th deadline and are eligible to be elected as a National Convention Delegate.


Delegates with support Pledged to candidate Bernie Sanders

1st CD
Virginia Abdo, Rock County
Angie Aker*, Kenosha County
Sara Andrea-Neill, Kenosha County
Mark Balwinski, Racine County
Roy Bohn, Racine County
Cathy Brandstetter*, Kenosha County
James Buckingham, Walworth County
Mary Burpee, Walworth County
Joe Cardinali, Kenosha County
Kyle  Chesmore, Rock County
Kristin  Clemons, Rock County
Gwen Cole, Walworth County
Krish Colon, Kenosha County
Melisa Conrardy, Waukesha County
Steven Curtis, Waukesha County
Pat Devon, Walworth County
Steve Doelder, Walworth County
Robert  Easterling, Rock County
Dawn Fergen, Walworth County
Mary Jo Fesenmaier, Walworth County
Rebecca  Freed*, Rock County
Mark Freeman, Racine County
Mark  Fuller, Rock County
David Galbraith, Racine County
Paulette Garin, Kenosha County
Jay Gilliland, Kenosha County
Lee Ann Guill, Kenosha County
Phil Haney, Kenosha County
Hillary Hausler, Racine County
Belinda  Hayes, Rock County
John Heckenlively*, Racine County
Joseph Herling, Racine County
Kenneth Holdorf, Kenosha County
Andrew Huck, Racine County
Margaret Jenison, Kenosha County
Stephanie Kemp*, Kenosha County
Karen Kempinen, Kenosha County
Janet  LaBrie, Rock County
April Larrabee*, Racine County
Nancy  Linsley, Rock County
Daniel Mattson, Kenosha County
Irene McCarthy, Milwaukee County
Brendan McEntegart, Kenosha County
Cameron McKenna*, Racine County
Colin McKenna, Racine County
Julie McKenna, Racine County
Shannon Molina, Kenosha County
Ronalene  Monteith, Rock County
Tom  Murphy*, Rock County
Scott Page, Kenosha County
David Palmer*, Racine County
Lorenita Palmer, Racine County
Tyrone Payton, Kenosha County
Evelyn Pizzala, Kenosha County
Rollin Pizzala, Kenosha County
Todd Price, Kenosha County
Wayne Racine, Walworth County
Meg Richardson, Racine County
Jim  Rittenhouse, Rock County
Todd  Rittenhouse, Rock County
Stacie  Schmidt, Rock County
Hans Schneider, Kenosha County
Mary Schneider, Kenosha County
Ryan Schroeder, Walworth County
Bob Schuren, Walworth County
Dylan  Siener, Rock County
H. John Siener III, Rock County
Michelle Siler, Kenosha County
Sally Simpson*, Kenosha County
Joshua Skolnick*, Walworth County
Susan  Smyth*, Rock County
Leslie  Smyth-Ayen*, Rock County
Paula Spehert, Milwaukee County
Tom Spehert, Milwaukee County
Jim Spodick, Racine County
Charlene Staples, Walworth County
Rebecca Stevens, Kenosha County
Zachary Stoner, Kenosha County
John Tate, Racine County
Christine Tompkins, Milwaukee County
Peter Vakos, Racine County
Marsha Vila*, Milwaukee County
Terrance Warthen, Kenosha County
William  Weber, Rock County
Christine Welcher, Walworth County
Bill Whitlock, Kenosha County
Elizabeth Whitlock*, Kenosha County
Phil Wilcox, Kenosha County
Mary Winters-Deubel, Walworth County
Nicholas  Woodworth, Rock County
Ken Yorgan, Racine County
Todd Yunker, Kenosha County

2nd CD
Kirsten Adler, Dane County
Tammy Adler, Dane County
Nicholas Ashcroft, Dane County
David Atkins, Dane County
Linda Atkins, Dane County
Mary Jo Baumann, Dane County
John Bausch, Lafayette County
Kate Bausch, Lafayette County
Ron Berger, Dane County
John Bill, Dane County
Christopher Brandon, Dane County
Patrick Brenzel, Dane County
Bill Bright, Dane County
Ginny Brokish, Dane County
Rick  Brunton, Rock County
Elizabeth Christianson, Dane County
Carmen Clark, Dane County
Michael   Cohen, Dane County
Susal Cohen, Dane County
Tanya Rae Cohen, Dane County
Julie Crego*, Dane County
Robert Crego*, Dane County
Christopher Daly, Dane County
Adam Dahl, Dane County
Lynda Dale, Dane County
Michael Dickman, Dane County
Diana Ditsch*, Dane County
James Doerfinger*, Iowa County
Wendy Doerfinger, Iowa County
Johnson Duane, Dane County
Karen Edson*, Dane County
Susan Eichhorn*, Dane County
Thomas Elert, Dane County
Michelle Ellinger, Dane County
Maria  Engberg, Dane County
Mark Evenson, Iowa County
Erin Everett, Dane County
Erica Frye, Dane County
Erin Gallagher, Lafayette County
Farrel Geisler*, Dane County
Michael Goodman, Dane County
Adam Grabski*, Dane County
Jeremiah Grabski*, Dane County
Kaye Grassman, Dane County
Brian Gratrix, Dane County
Jamie Gratrix*, Dane County
Joshawa Gray, Dane County
John  Greenwood, Iowa County
Gary Gruetzmacher, Dane County
Michael  Gunn, Rock County
Wilma Marie Gurl, Dane County
Paul Hansen, Dane County
Mason Harrison, Dane County
Timothy Harrison, Dane County
Kenneth Haydock, Dane County
John Hendrick*, Dane County
Tamara Hill, Dane County
Brett Hulsey, Dane County
Stanley Jackson, Dane County
Ed  Jeannette, Rock County
Ellen Jessen, Dane County
Michael Martez Johnson*, Dane County
Peter Johnson*, Dane County
Sunshine Jones*, Dane County
Viatscheslav Katerov, Dane County
Joann Kelley*, Dane County
Timothy Kiefer, Dane County
Kathleen Klahn, Dane County
Norbert Kniedler, Dane County
Jennifer Koch, Dane County
Dorothy Krause*, Dane County
Susan Lemanski, Dane County
Lesleigh Lippitt*, Sauk County
Dawn Livelleff-Shegonee, Dane County
Sonja Luetschwager, Dane County
Alfred Matano*, Dane County
Maureen May Grimm*, Iowa County
Marilyn McDole, Dane County
Christine McDonough*, Dane County
Gerald McDonough*, Dane County
Elin McIlhattan, Dane County
Anne McMahon, Dane County
Thomas Merltz, Dane County
Dayne Meyer, Dane County
Patrick Miles, Dane County
Jacob Miller*, Dane County
Megan Moen*, Dane County
Trevor Murray, Dane County
Kathi Nash, Dane County
Kim Nash, Dane County
Russell Novkov, Dane County
John Oppenheimer*, Dane County
James  O'Regan, Rock County
Jarob Ortiz, Dane County
Michelle Paige*, Dane County
Robert  Paige*, Dane County
Susan Pastor, Dane County
Julie Path, Dane County
Suzanne  Pearson, Rock County
Heibi Pierce, Dane County
Nichole Pierce, Dane County
Fran  Plaegert, Rock County
Tod Pulvermacher*, Sauk County
Chantel Raghu, Dane County
Kaja Rebane, Dane County
Satya Rhodes-Conway*, Dane County
Kyle Richmond*, Dane County
Colleen Ricker, Dane County
Joseph Ricker, Dane County
Laura Riggs, Dane County
Marcia Riquelme*, Dane County
Michele Ritt, Dane County
Jacquelyn Robertson, Dane County
Ronald Rosenberry-Chase*, Dane County
Reid Rossell*, Dane County
Denise Runde, Dane County
William Scanlon, Dane County
Alice Schneiderman*, Dane County
Chris Scruggs, Dane County
Lindsay  Sensenbrenner, Dane County
Alice Severson, Dane County
John Mark  Shields, Rock County
Julia  Simonson, Iowa County
Robert L.  Slamka, Dane County
David  Slowey, Rock County
Gay Spencer, Dane County
Richard Springer, Dane County
Roger Springman, Dane County
Sue Springman, Dane County
John Stanley*, Dane County
Amy Starobin, Dane County
Karla Stoebig*, Dane County
Lynn Stroede, Dane County
George Thomson, Dane County
Adam Thorson, Dane County
Nathan Timm*, Dane County
Charles Uphoff, Dane County
Sarah  Valiguette, Dane County
Frederick Vaughn, Iowa County
Manny Vellon, Dane County
Jeanie Verschay, Dane County
Daniel Voeks, Dane County
Mitchell Vogel*, Dane County
Heidi Wagleitner*, Dane County
Scott Wetlaufer, Dane County
Skye Winspur*, Dane County
Jeremiah Zeier, Dane County
Fran Zell, Rock County

3rd CD
Jeremy Ames, La Crosse County
April Baker, Grant County
Johny Baron, Eau Claire County
Debra Beadle, Wood County
Jesse Bennett*, Grant County
Sara Bentley*, La Crosse County
Amanda Boucher*, La Crosse County
Dennis Brault, Vernon County
Craig Brooks*, Buffalo County
Rosie Brooks, La Crosse County
Jacquelyn Brown*, La Crosse County
Nathaniel Bruha, La Crosse County
Jenny Cain, Vernon County
Emilie Casey, Grant County
Konrad Chojnacki, Portage County
Nancy Chojnacki, Portage County
Harry Davis, Adams County
Amanda De Cora*, La Crosse County
Wes Dehnke, Pierce County
Kathy Doerfer, Vernon County
Dennis Doughty, Chippewa County
Nick Dutton*, La Crosse County
Connie Dutton-Snell, La Crosse County
David Ebbert, Richland County
Peter  Flesch*, Crawford County
Christine Gerard, Pierce County
David Gorski*, Wood County
Sandra Hansen*, La Crosse County
Robert Hansen II*, La Crosse County
Armando Hedrick, Monroe County
Jesse Heltsley, Wood County
Barbara Heqet*, Wood County
Barabara Herren, Chippewa County
Julie Hoel, Monroe County
Monica  Hofmann, La Crosse County
Bryan James*, Trempealeau County
Lynn Jaskowiak, Eau Claire County
William Jaskowiak, Eau Claire County
Bruce Johnson*, Pepin County
Amy Jones*, La Crosse County
Jordan Jones, Eau Claire County
Jeff Kane, Dunn County
Mason Kane*, Grant County
Melissa Kerr*, La Crosse County
Sean Kerr, La Crosse County
Obbie King*, La Crosse County
Tyler Klein, Portage County
Megan Kranz*, Pierce County
Michael Kranz*, Pierce County
Peggy Kriebel, Crawford County
George Kruezer*, Vernon County
Lewis Kuhlman, La Crosse County
Matt LaBonte*, La Crosse County
Abby  LaRonge, Portage County
Matthew LaRonge*, Portage County
Joel Lazinger, La Crosse County
Alicia Leinberger*, Vernon County
Ken L'Esperance, Juneau County
Renee L'Esperance, Juneau County
Yia Lor-Knepper*, Trempealeau County
Jodi Lundak, Eau Claire County
Jill Lynch, Vernon County
Gryffyn Mather, Portage County
Jaclyn Mather, Portage County
Jaye Maxfield*, Grant County
Mark McCraken, Eau Claire County
Heather McLoughlin, Monroe County
William McLoughlin*, Monroe County
Jillian Medugno*, La Crosse County
Samuel Milewski, Eau Claire County
Benjamin Miller*, La Crosse County
Michael Mooney*, Grant County
Anne Moriarty, Dunn County
Duane Nessman, Adams County
Damian O'Brien, Eau Claire County
Melinda Osterberg, Portage County
Elliot Past, Eau Claire County
Ben Plunkett*, Pierce County
Cathy Poellinger, La Crosse County
Karen Pronschinske, Buffalo County
Gina Rae, Monroe County
Jason Rehbein, Eau Claire County
Alexander Reidell, La Crosse County
Galynne Riggenbach, Wood County
Judith Schabert, La Crosse County
Stanley Schabert, La Crosse County
Connie Scharlau, Buffalo County
Matthew Schauenburg*, Grant County
Ben Schmitz, Eau Claire County
Pat Simpson*, Pepin County
John Spalding*, Chippewa County
Richard Spindler, Eau Claire County
Robert Steinke, Portage County
Elsa Steinmetz, Eau Claire County
Clinton Stenmetz, Eau Claire County
Karyn Tank, Portage County
Abigail Tentinger, Portage County
Rachel Teske*, La Crosse County
Daniel Turner, Eau Claire County
Michael Turner*, Eau Claire County
Skip Turner, Eau Claire County
Brett Tuttle, Dunn County
Marcia Tuttle, Dunn County
Cathy Van Maren*, La Crosse County
See Vang, Portage County
Gretchen  Vanghn, Vernon County
Arlene Vrlec*, La Crosse County
Bob Welsh*, Crawford County
George  Wilbur, Vernon County
Annis Williams, Eau Claire County
Mark Williams, Eau Claire County
Pamela Willis, Adams County
James D. Wine, La Crosse County
Marcia Wine, La Crosse County
Eleanor Wolf, Eau Claire County
Algie Wolters, Trempealeau County
Lisa Wolters, Trempealeau County
Xong Xiong*, La Crosse County
Mackenzie Yagilasek, Dunn County
Carol Zindorf, Juneau County
Chris Zindorf, Juneau County

4th CD
Christoper Alberti-Derezinski, Milwaukee County
Jaime Alvarado*, Milwaukee County
Joshua Anderson, Milwaukee County
Tiffany Anderson, Milwaukee County
Andy Andrijasevic, Milwaukee County
John Augustson, Milwaukee County
James Balk, Milwaukee County
Chawki Belhadi, Milwaukee County
Jackie Berndt, Milwaukee County
Gregory Bird, Milwaukee County
Alicia Blalock, Milwaukee County
Kent Blystone, Milwaukee County
Alexander Brower, Milwaukee County
Dan Bucks, Milwaukee County
Jane Bucks, Milwaukee County
Elizabeth Burgert, Milwaukee County
Rita Burlingame, Milwaukee County
Jim Carpenter*, Milwaukee County
Terry Paul Co, Milwaukee County
Derek d'Agrella, Milwaukee County
Suzanne Davidson, Milwaukee County
Christine Davis, Milwaukee County
Carly Mae Derezinski, Milwaukee County
Alex Dominguez, Milwaukee County
Kayla Duffy, Milwaukee County
Kevin Fech, Milwaukee County
Ramon  Garcia, Milwaukee County
Paul Goeser, Milwaukee County
Lisa Granecce, Milwaukee County
Ann Griffin, Milwaukee County
Dennis Griffin, Milwaukee County
Michael Grochowski, Milwaukee County
James Ito, Milwaukee County
Timothy Jaeger*, Milwaukee County
Janet Jennerjohn, Milwaukee County
Bryan Kennedy*, Milwaukee County
Rachel Kiefer*, Milwaukee County
Patricia Kraker, Milwaukee County
Mary Laan*, Milwaukee County
Hillary Laskonis, Milwaukee County
Carol Limbach, Milwaukee County
Justin Lockridge*, Milwaukee County
Michael Lowrey, Milwaukee County
Ashley Mangan, Milwaukee County
Matthew Mangan*, Milwaukee County
Eric Marsch*, Milwaukee County
Patricia Mayes, Milwaukee County
Mandi McAlister, Milwaukee County
Mike McAlister, Milwaukee County
Thomas McCormack, Milwaukee County
Gerard McMullen, Milwaukee County
David Meister, Milwaukee County
Jean Mileham, Milwaukee County
Lynne Milner, Milwaukee County
Supreme Moore Omokunde*, Milwaukee County
Christopher Muszynski*, Milwaukee County
Edwin Ordonez, Milwaukee County
Alex Oser, Milwaukee County
Solana Patterson-Ramos, Milwaukee County
Cindy Pawelski*, Milwaukee County
Martha Pincus, Milwaukee County
Jessica Plotkin, Milwaukee County
Donna Pollock, Milwaukee County
Stephanie Ponto, Milwaukee County
Kyle Puckhaber, Milwaukee County
David Redemann, Milwaukee County
Maraya Robinson, Milwaukee County
Nicole Robinson, Milwaukee County
Julie Roubik*, Milwaukee County
Patricia Sadowski, Milwaukee County
Marilyn Sandberg, Milwaukee County
Cory Schulz, Milwaukee County
Steven Shea, Milwaukee County
Justin Short, Milwaukee County
Luz Sosa*, Milwaukee County
Susan Struermer, Milwaukee County
Linea Sundstrom, Milwaukee County
Stephen Sweet, Milwaukee County
Kahra Tinsley, Milwaukee County
Jim Toppen, Milwaukee County
Dean Vaillancourt, Milwaukee County
James Dean Vaillancourt*, Milwaukee County
Laura Vanderbilt, Milwaukee County
Tomika Vukovic*, Milwaukee County
Stephen Watroes, Milwaukee County
Hilary Wilson, Milwaukee County
Lois Wilson, Milwaukee County
Walter Wilson*, Milwaukee County

5th CD
Rob Allard, Jefferson County
Richard Anderson, Milwaukee County
Daniel  Arneson, Washington County
Steven Arneson, Washington County
Eugene Barufkin, Milwaukee County
Mason Becker, Jefferson County
Dennis Beining, Milwaukee County
Rose Both, Waukesha County
Peggy Bull, Waukesha County
Peg  Cadigan, Washington County
Pamela Carlson, Milwaukee County
William Carroll, Washington County
Laura Cotting, Jefferson County
Thomas Coyne*, Jefferson County
Dale Ellifson, Waukesha County
Kimberly Engels*, Milwaukee County
Waring  Fincke, Washington County
Guy Graff, Waukesha County
Emily Greene, Waukesha County
Kenneth Greening, Milwaukee County
Glenn Grunewald, Milwaukee County
Chris Gutschenritter, Waukesha County
Jean Hanrahan, Milwaukee County
Robert Hansen*, Milwaukee County
Nancy Harris, Washington County
Matt Haugen, Milwaukee County
Michelle Haugen, Milwaukee County
Polly  Hughes, Waukesha County
Alice Jensen, Waukesha County
Rachel Kaehny-Frank, Washington County
Cindy Kanzleiter, Waukesha County
Jessica Kanzleiter, Waukesha County
Joe Kanzleiter*, Waukesha County
Karen Kirsch, Milwaukee County
Kathryn Kluth, Waukesha County
Kevin Kopplin*, Jefferson County
Eric Krans, Washington County
John Krause, Washington County
Gerald Leahy*, Waukesha County
Nathan Lowe, Jefferson County
Joe Martin, Washington County
Lea Martin, Washington County
Selene McCrary, Dodge County
Penny McDonough, Waukesha County
Joanne  Merten, Washington County
Julie Murphy, Waukesha County
Michael O'Connell*, Walworth County
Bill O'Donnell, Dodge County
Liz O'Donnell, Dodge County
Mary O'Herron, Waukesha County
Marie Ohm, Waukesha County
Pauline Ohm, Waukesha County
Caroline Onzik, Waukesha County
Dianne Patzfahl-Vorce, Waukesha County
Tanya Polhill, Jefferson County
Brandon Reeves*, Waukesha County
Lisa Ritzert*, Jefferson County
Chris Rockwood*, Milwaukee County
Benjamin Ruch, Washington County
Alan Schultz, Milwaukee County
Renita Schultz, Milwaukee County
Daniele Shallow, Washington County
Amy Sies*, Washington County
Lori Smith*, Jefferson County
Richard Sperko, Milwaukee County
Tracey Sperko*, Milwaukee County
Derrick Suit, Milwaukee County
Patricia Timmons, Milwaukee County
Judith Velleman, Milwaukee County
Sandra Villa, Waukesha County
Michael Vorce, Waukesha County
Adam Waters*, Jefferson County
Stephen Weideman, Waukesha County
Brandon White, Jefferson County
Kevin Witt, Washington County
Megan Witt*, Washington County
Jeannine Wolski, Waukesha County
James Zahn, Dodge County
Michelle Zahn*, Dodge County
Rudy Zahn, Dodge County

6th CD
David Algrem, Waushara County
Judd Baumann, Sheboygan County
Katherine Berkvam, Dodge County
Joan Blatz, Fond du Lac County
Stacy Bouplon, Sheboygan County
Mary Bowe, Fond du Lac County
Charles Bradley, Columbia County
Susanna  Bradley, Columbia County
Russ Brown, Waushara County
Frank Buress*, Marquette County
Jack  Burke, Manitowoc  County
Paul Czisny*, Fond du Lac County
Mark Davis, Columbia County
Eileen  Doohan, Fond du Lac County
David Dorn*, Fond du Lac County
Dave  Duran, Columbia County
Christian Ellis, Sheboygan County
Carol Falk, Sheboygan County
Marcus Falk, Sheboygan County
Bernie Faust, Winnebago County
Kimberly Felch, Fond du Lac County
Joe Fenrick, Fond du Lac County
George Ferriter, Columbia County
Suzanne Ferriter, Columbia County
Don  Fiedler, Winnebago County
Mary Filion-Zuelsdorf, Fond du Lac County
Mark Gennis*, Ozaukee County
David Gold, Winnebago County
Angela Gorman, Dodge County
Erik Gosdeck, Winnebago County
Nicolas Hall, Winnebago County
Ryan Hamann*, Winnebago County
Jean Hayes, Sheboygan County
John Hayes, Sheboygan County
Mary Hayes, Fond du Lac County
Carmen Heider, Fond du Lac County
Marie Hetzel, Sheboygan County
Barbara Hill, Sheboygan County
John Hill, Sheboygan County
James Isaacson*, Columbia County
Robert Jome, Manitowoc County
Joanne Kaus*, Ozaukee County
Mark Kelderman, Dodge County
Shawn Kelderman*, Dodge County
Thomas Kitchen*, Fond du Lac County
Corey Klitzke, Winnebago County
Evangeline LaFave, Sheboygan County
Robert LaFave, Sheboygan County
Peggy Lautenschlager, Fond du Lac County
Donald Malchow, Winnebago County
Joann Masche-Daane, Dodge County
Carol McDonald, Winnebago County
Patrick McGuire, Sheboygan County
Kelly Mehre, Sheboygan County
Genie Meoyer, Waushara County
Elizabeth Miller, Winnebago County
Suzanne Miller, Columbia County
Patrick Mullen, Fond du Lac County
Mike Norton*, Winnebago County
Allen Oftedahl, Marquette County
Richard Opie*, Manitowoc County
Amy Pietsch, Waushara County
Eric Quam, Columbia County
Sherrie Richard-Francar, Manitowoc  County
William Rippl, Fond du Lac County
Joe Rogozinski, Marquette County
Christopher Ross, Sheboygan County
Darlene Schultz, Fond du Lac County
Jeff Schultz, Fond du Lac County
Jane Schumacher, Columbia County
Joe Schumacher, Columbia County
Gabriella Spencer, Manitowoc  County
Jane Spietz, Winnebago County
Lindsey Spietz, Winnebago County
Mark Spietz, Winnebago County
Randy Tayloe, Sheboygan County
Chris Terbrueggew, Sheboygan County
Patti VandeHei*, Sheboygan County
William Weidner, Sheboygan County
William Werch, Green Lake County
Troy Winkleman*, Winnebago County
Maura "Chip" Yost*, Manitowoc County
Laura Yurs, Sheboygan County
Thomas Zuelsdorf, Fond du Lac County

7th CD
Vanessa Alanis, Marathon County
Julie Allen*, Lincoln County
Bruce Anderson*, Rusk County
Fred  Andrist, Oneida  County
Mary Asbach*, Ashland County
Robert Baumann, Marathon County
Bob Beck, Marathon County
Harvey Bilz, Price County
Mark Bonesteel, St Croix County
Rebecca Bonesteel*, St Croix County
Kimberly Butler*, Polk County
Aurey Costerisan, Burnett County
Richard Costerisan, Burnett County
Brian Crandall, Douglas County
Lawrence Dale*, Vilas County
Pete Davison, Forest County
Hector Delgado Jr., Marathon County
Ken Downing, St Croix County
Sean Downing*, St Croix County
Debra Dube, Marathon County
Patrick Duffy*, Ashland County
Jerry Duginski, Marathon County
Alan  Ellefson, St Croix County
Julie Ellefson, St Croix County
Ed  Fenske, Marathon County
Albert Flora*, Sawyer County
Jordan Franklin, Clark County
Kyle Gaulke, Lincoln County
Dennis Gjerseth, Jackson County
Sandra Gokee, Ashland County
Werner Gorshe, Marathon County
Dora Gorski, Lincoln County
Chet Haatvedt, Langlade County
Erin Heyer, Vilas County
Joel Hinnenkamp*, St Croix County
Chris Hinton, Vilas County
Maria  Hutchinson*, St Croix County
Betty Kerr, Bayfield County
Therese Kondracsek, Forest County
Rosemary Kosin, St Croix County
Paul  Kuhlman, Polk County
Michael Lawsaon, Marathon County
Kimberly Lawton*, Bayfield County
James Leckel, Burnett County
Stephanie Leskovionsky, Marathon County
Nature Lindsay, Douglas County
Lissa  List, St Croix County
Barbara  Logan, Oneida  County
Dwight Logan, Oneida  County
Maxine Luchterhand, Clark County
John Ludwig*, Douglas County
Ruth Ludwig*, Douglas County
Dennis Macklin, Rusk County
Kate Mader, Bayfield County
Douglas Martin, Price County
Michael Martin*, Ashland County
Jay Martindale, Marathon County
Peter  Mauel, Polk County
James Mayer, St Croix County
Bob McCormick, Price County
Peggy McDowell*, Lincoln County
Lori Miller*, Marathon County
Vicki Myer, St Croix County
Edward O'Neill, Chippewa County
Chrysa Ostenso, Rusk County
Richard Petersen*, St Croix County
Erik Pfantz, Lincoln County
Jim Plunkett, Vilas County
Richard Pulcher, Taylor County
Joshua Renner*, Marathon County
Lori Revels, Marathon County
Keith Richey, Marathon County
Diane Roskos, St Croix County
Frank Rutherford*, Sawyer County
Phil Salamone, Marathon County
Carl Sauter, Marathon County
John Schneider, Vilas County
Barbara Stachoviak, Marathon County
Bette Stephens, Marathon County
Kristi Tlusti, Taylor County
Robert Traczyk*, Iron County
Kelly Westlund*, Ashland County
Amber Whereatt, Marathon County
Bruce Whereatt, Marathon County
Susann Wurl, Marathon County
Donald Wyeth, Clark County
Linda Wyeth, Clark County
Nicholas Zehn, Douglas County
Irene Zimmerman, Marathon County

8th CD
Carina Abrego, Brown County
Richard Adamski, Shawano County
Charolette Baierl, Door County
John Beyer, Brown County
Casey Buhr, Kewaunee County
Candido Candelaria, Brown County
John  Carpiaux, Outagamie County
Lisa Carpiaux, Outagamie County
Natalie Carpiaux, Outagamie County
Cindy Carter, Outagamie County
Emily Cone*, Calumet County
Ginger Dempsky, Brown County
Kim Dorchester, Brown County
Steve Dorchester, Brown County
Kevin Duffey, Outagamie County
Britton Durham, Brown County
Ivy Evrad, Outagamie County
Barbara Fease, Outagamie County
John  Fease, Outagamie County
Alison Fine, Brown County
Lyle Frailing, Brown County
John  Gosling, Outagamie County
Mary  Green*, Waupaca County
Wendy Gribben, Marinette County
Herbert Grover, Shawano County
Paul Grover, Brown County
Cynthia Gutknecht, Waupaca County
Sofia Haken, Outagamie County
Seth Hammen, Outagamie County
Lisa  Hanson, Brown County
Julie Harvey, Brown County
Richard  Henes, Brown County
Susan Howe, Outagamie County
Melissa Jo Huizenga, Kewaunee County
Mike Isbell, Oconto County
Chris Jenquin, Brown County
Aditya Kaushika*, Outagamie County
Jeremy Kautz, Outagamie County
Delaney Keshena*, Outagamie County
Kate Klass, Brown County
Kristen Knudtson, Kewaunee County
Lily Koss, Outagamie County
Sean  Lapacz, Brown County
Renee Larson, Calumet County
J. Ingrid Lesley*, Waupaca County
Sharon Locklin, Brown County
Joe Maltby, Brown County
Dmitri Martin*, Waupaca County
Mary Mattson, Door County
Debra May, Brown County
Desiree May*, Brown County
Noel "Rick" Moore*, Oconto County
Christine Morrissey, Outagamie County
Brittney Motkowsky, Brown County
Ann Muenster, Outagamie County
Reid Nimmer, Brown County
Philip Nolan*, Waupaca County
Neal A.V. Olson, Oconto County
Cathleen Palmer, Brown County
Rosemarie Perez-Peláez, Marinette County
Cora Pynenberg*, Outagamie County
Eric Reimer*, Brown County
Sarah Riley, Brown County
Jesse Short, Outagamie County
Steve Sinclair, Brown County
Kellen Stumbris, Brown County
Steven Sullivan, Marinette County
Ronna Swift, Outagamie County
Jade Thomson*, Outagamie County
Mark Turchik, Brown County
Matthew Van Grinsven*, Outagamie County
Liz Van Pay, Brown County
Judith Van Ryzen, Brown County
Chris Van Waus, Brown County
Andrew Walsh*, Outagamie County
Sharon Wasileski*, Calumet County
Daniel Weidner*, Shawano County
Efren Zurita, Brown County

Delegates with support pledged to candidate Hillary Clinton

1st CD
Margaret Andrietsch*, Racine County
Peggy Applegate-Peplinski, Kenosha County
Carole Atwood, Walworth County
Peter Barca, Kenosha County
Danetta Berryhill-Davis, Kenosha County
Leah Blough, Kenosha County
Jim Brownlow, Waukesha County
Bob Cole, Walworth County
Timothy Daley, Racine County
Raymond Dehahn, Racine County
Michelle Duchow, Racine County
Karen Erb*, Kenosha County
Diane Fedyna, Walworth County
Kelly Gallaher, Racine County
Ethel Gates, Racine County
Jackie Goebel, Kenosha County
Mike Goebel, Kenosha County
Matthew Hanser, Racine County
Tammy Hayward, Racine County
Craig Hetzel, Milwaukee County
Lynn Holtdorf, Racine County
Cynthia Jankowski, Kenosha County
Ann Jolicoeur, Kenosha County
Mollie Jones, Racine County
Mary Jonker, Kenosha County
Danielle Krause, Waukesha County
David Krautkramer, Racine County
Julie krautkramer, Racine County
Michael Krautkramer, Racine County
Mary Land, Racine County
Mary Longsine, Milwaukee County
Brittney Lorek, Racine County
Matt Lowe, Waukesha County
Jessica MacPhail, Racine County
Cory Mason*, Racine County
Rebecca Mason, Racine County
Rosemary Mason, Racine County
Patricia Meier, Racine County
Roger   Merry*, Rock County
Cathy  Myers*, Rock County
Tod Ohnstad, Kenosha County
Marlene Ott*, Milwaukee County
Lisa Parham, Racine County
Samuel Peete, Racine County
James Poplawski, Racine County
Beth Pramme, Racine County
Judy Reynolds, Kenosha County
Colleen Robson, Walworth County
Amy Schaal, Racine County
Ryan Schaal, Racine County
Michael Schindhelm*, Waukesha County
Bradley Schwanda*, Milwaukee County
Richard Schwanda, Milwaukee County
Bonnie Sheerin, Kenosha County
Sue Spicer, Racine County
John Stoesser, Walworth County
Darlene Stratman, Racine County
Jim Stratman, Racine County
Donna Triplett, Milwaukee County
Rachel Trobaugh, Racine County
Don Trottier, Racine County
Mike Underhill, Kenosha County
Karen Urben, Racine County
Beth Waschow, Milwaukee County
Joanne  Williams, Walworth County
Maddie Williams, Racine County
Ann Wilson, Kenosha County
Curt Wilson, Kenosha County
Dennis  Wiser, Racine County
Jane Witt, Racine County

2nd CD
Michael Basford, Dane County
Judith Blank*, Green County
Anne Blotz, Iowa County
Brian Brindley, Dane County
Raymond Carnevale, Dane County
Jesse Clark , Dane County
Vivian  Creekmore, Rock County
Analiese Eicher, Dane County
James Ely, Dane County
Brian Evans, Dane County
Steven Alan Furnas*, Dane County
Abbey Fuszard, Dane County
Barbara Fuszard, Dane County
Curt Fuszard, Dane County
Luke Fuszard*, Dane County
Mona Fuszard, Dane County
Susan Fuszard, Dane County
Adam Gallagher, Dane County
August Glomski, Dane County
Samuel  Greess, Dane County
Donald Hilgenberg, Iowa County
Linda Hoskins*, Dane County
Frances  Huntley-Cooper*, Dane County
Jane Jenson, Dane County
Robert Judy, Dane County
Rukhsana Khilji*, Dane County
Barbara Knutson, Dane County
Mary Kolar, Dane County
David Kromm, Iowa County
Laurie Kromm*, Iowa County
Christine Lazar*, Dane County
Mary Lloyd Jones, Iowa County
Frank Long*, Dane County
Maxwell Love, Dane County
Gretchen Lowe, Dane County
Teresa Lueth, Dane County
Jaime Martindale, Dane County
Maria Milkie, Dane County
Sondra Milkie*, Dane County
Crystal Miller*, Dane County
Charles Myers, Dane County
Greg Packnett, Dane County
Roe Parker, Dane County
Michael Pearson, Dane County
Michael Quieto , Dane County
Juliette Schick*, Dane County
Joseph Schraven, Dane County
Cris Selin, Dane County
John Smallwood*, Dane County
Dennis Smith, Sauk County
Dorothea Strasser, Dane County
John Strasser, Dane County
Shelia Stubbs*, Dane County
Nicole Vandermuelen, Dane County
Cullen Vens, Dane County
Ashley Viste, Dane County
Gao Hnou Xiong, Dane County
James Zuelsdorf, Dane County

3rd CD
Jack Allgaier, Portage County
Leigh Allgaier, Portage County
Betty Bergmark, Pepin County
Marjorie Bunce*, Eau Claire County
Vicki (Veronica) Burke*, La Crosse County
Denise Bustamante*, Eau Claire County
Janet Finn, Crawford County
Diane Gebhart, La Crosse County
Bobbi Green*, Eau Claire County
Collin Green, Eau Claire County
Erin Green, Eau Claire County
Ryan  Greendeer*, Jackson County
Nancy Hartje, La Crosse County
Elizabeth Havlik*, Vernon County
Gary Hawley*, Portage County
Stella Hawley, Portage County
Edward Hayes-Hall*, Crawford County
Anthony Hentges, La Crosse County
Lisa Herrmann, Eau Claire County
Michael Johnson, Eau Claire County
Wendy Sue Johnson*, Eau Claire County
Mike Kahlow, Pierce County
Tom Krajewski, La Crosse County
Elizabeth Kruck, Vernon County
Janet Loomis, Eau Claire County
Joseph Lugenbill, Eau Claire County
Leila Maidana-Holen, Vernon County
Dawn Mooney, Eau Claire County
Dianne Noreika, Portage County
Diane Odeen*, Pierce County
Durian Parker, Eau Claire County
Steven Pollina, Adams County
Anna Schwanebeck, Eau Claire County
Sarah  Semrad, La Crosse County
James Servais, Vernon County
Carolyn  Smith, La Crosse County
Tyler Smith, Portage County
Mary Speltz, Buffalo County
Paula Stanek, La Crosse County
Stephanie  Steiner, La Crosse County
Kris Troyanek, La Crosse County
Jerry Ugland, Portage County
James Walz, Crawford County
David Way, Portage County
Janet  Way, Portage County
David Wulf, La Crosse County
Tim Zimmerman, Portage County
Helen  Zoellner Kelly, La Crosse County
Kurt Zurawski, Portage County

4th CD
Cindy Benjamin, Milwaukee County
Jerry Benjamin, Milwaukee County
Tifert Berenbaum, Milwaukee County
Karen Braam Nook, Milwaukee County
Mary Broadax, Milwaukee County
Brad Brunson, Milwaukee County
Julia Brunson, Milwaukee County
Lillian Brunson, Milwaukee County
Shirin Cabraal, Milwaukee County
Carmen Cabrera*, Milwaukee County
Caroline Cameron, Milwaukee County
Virgil Cameron, Milwaukee County
Meghan Christiansen, Milwaukee County
Anne Clough, Milwaukee County
Linda Collins, Milwaukee County
Ted Chisholm, Milwaukee County
Deborah Coy-Mossi, Milwaukee County
Diane Diel, Milwaukee County
David Dragseth, Milwaukee County
Hannah Dugan, Milwaukee County
Anna Dvorak, Milwaukee County
Bob Dvorak, Milwaukee County
Jay Edmundson, Milwaukee County
Craig Ellis, Milwaukee County
Don Featherston, Milwaukee County
Kari Featherston, Milwaukee County
Jeanne Fehr, Milwaukee County
Jenny Fisher, Milwaukee County
Karlene Fox, Milwaukee County
Janet Friestad, Milwaukee County
Darrol Gibson, Milwaukee County
Paul Giesen, Milwaukee County
Pat Gima, Milwaukee County
Ginny Goode, Milwaukee County
Lee Gruenewald, Milwaukee County
Tim Hawks, Milwaukee County
Tom Heppe, Milwaukee County
Jody Hirsh, Milwaukee County
Barb Hoppe, Milwaukee County
Les Ingram, Milwaukee County
Arkesia Jackson, Milwaukee County
Reggie Jackson, Milwaukee County
Ann Jacobs*, Milwaukee County
Andrea Johnson, Milwaukee County
LaTonya Johnson, Milwaukee County
Bryant Jones, Milwaukee County
Earl Kammerud, Milwaukee County
Fran Kaplan, Milwaukee County
Nancy Kaplan*, Milwaukee County
Tami Kaprelian, Milwaukee County
Sharon Keigher, Milwaukee County
Beverly Kingma, Milwaukee County
Janet LeCapitaine, Milwaukee County
Martha Love, Milwaukee County
Lois Malawsky, Milwaukee County
Sherri Manning, Milwaukee County
Felesia Martin*, Milwaukee County
Terrell Martin*, Milwaukee County
Craig Mastantuono*, Milwaukee County
Bonnie McGill, Milwaukee County
Will McGraw, Milwaukee County
Larraine McNamara McGraw, Milwaukee County
Stuart Moulthrop, Milwaukee County
Jackie Muirhead, Milwaukee County
Pablo Muirhead, Milwaukee County
Delores Neal, Milwaukee County
Dale Nook, Milwaukee County
Andew Otto, Milwaukee County
Muriel Otto, Milwaukee County
Barbara Parker, Milwaukee County
Anne Marie Perhach, Milwaukee County
Marsha Poulsen, Milwaukee County
Tony Rhodes, Milwaukee County
Amanda Ritchey, Milwaukee County
Alison Rohlfing, Milwaukee County
Dor Rohlfing, Milwaukee County
Lori Rojas, Milwaukee County
Pat Slutske, Milwaukee County
Dean Sperry, Milwaukee County
Eilene Stevens, Milwaukee County
Mark Stevens, Milwaukee County
Marla Stephens*, Milwaukee County
Brenda Szumski, Milwaukee County
Mark Szumski, Milwaukee County
John Thomas, Milwaukee County
Bill Treichel, Milwaukee County
Sue Treichel, Milwaukee County
Heather Ullsvik-Loomans, Milwaukee County
Ray Vahey, Milwaukee County
Diana Vang Brostoff, Milwaukee County
Dan Vliet, Milwaukee County
Sally Vliet, Milwaukee County
Sue Vliet, Milwaukee County
Andrew Warner*, Milwaukee County
Mary Warren, Milwaukee County
Tom Warner, Milwaukee County
Andrea Waxman, Milwaukee County
Michael Waxman, Milwaukee County
Sally Witte, Milwaukee County

5th CD
Deborah Anderson, Washington County
Arlene Beisbier, Washington County
John  Beisbier, Washington County
Anthony Bell, Waukesha County
Mary Blaska*, Waukesha County
Lynn Boelter, Washington County
L'Tanya Brabham, Milwaukee County
Karen Brooker, Milwaukee County
Russell Brooker, Milwaukee County
Ryan Champeau*, Waukesha County
Lillian Cheesman*, Milwaukee County
Sara Davister, Washington County
Dennis Degenhardt, Washington County
Elizabeth DesRosiers, Waukesha County
Emmanuel Devera*, Waukesha County
Barbara Graff, Waukesha County
Carl Hansen, Waukesha County
Kathleen Hansen, Waukesha County
Kristin Hansen, Waukesha County
David Kliss, Washington County
Andrew Kougl, Washington County
Tanya Lohr*, Washington County
Dawn Martin*, Milwaukee County
Anne Molineu, Washington County
Carmen Ortiz, Milwaukee County
Dian Palmer*, Waukesha County
Laura Payne, Jefferson County
Mary  Reilly-Kliss, Washington County
Stephen  Roberts, Washington County
John Slifka, Waukesha County
Scott Trindl, Waukesha County
Judith Uelmen, Washington County
Jake Velleman*, Waukesha County
Bonny  Walters, Washington County
Gregory Walz-Chojnacki*, Milwaukee County
Leanne Wied, Waukesha County
Anna Young, Walworth County
Sandy Zellmer, Milwaukee County
Rick Ziolkowski, Waukesha County

6th CD
Arlene Abitz, Fond du Lac County
Bill Abitz, Fond du Lac County
Karen Alexander, Marquette County
Mary Arnold*, Columbia County
RaeAnn Beebe, Sheboygan County
John Binder, Sheboygan County
Lori Brereton, Dodge County
Jaqueline Burke*, Dodge County
Kathleen Cannon, Winnebago County
Bob Christofferson, Columbia County
Rita Czukas*, Ozaukee County
Greg Davis, Columbia County
Leonard Duffy, Fond du Lac County
Sally Farley, Winnebago County
William Franks, Marquette County
Mary Beth Gehrke, Winnebago County
James Grigg, Dodge County
Sue Grigg, Dodge County
Christopher Guy, Sheboygan County
James Harmon, Winnebago County
Letha Haucke, Sheboygan County
Gordon Hintz, Winnebago County
Carol Hovet, Waushara County
Joan Kaeding*, Winnebago County
Dale Katsma, Sheboygan County
Susan Katsma, Sheboygan County
Angela Kirst, Dodge County
Anita Klein, Sheboygan County
Deb Klock*, Sheboygan County
Steve Klock, Sheboygan County
Diane Knoener, Sheboygan County
Sonia Larson, Sheboygan County
Patsy Lautenschlager, Fond du Lac County
Autumn Linsmeier, Winnebago County
Rich Mantz, Winnebago County
Joe Messinger*, Ozaukee County
Margo Miller, Columbia County
Charlene Opie*, Manitowoc County
Patricia Pibal, Sheboygan County
Tom Pibal, Sheboygan County
Marianne Quick*, Waushara County
William Rishel, Sheboygan County
Scott Rodman, Fond du Lac County
Mary Ellen Ruesch, Columbia County
Stan Ruesch, Columbia County
Martha Rule, Columbia County
Koby Schellenger, Winnebago County
Mary Lou Sharpee, Columbia County
Peggy Sherman, Dodge County
Henry St. Maurice, Columbia County
Ben Stepanek, Winnebago County
Steven Thiede, Dodge County
Mary Tuschl, Winnebago County
Thomas Tuschl, Winnebago County
Craig Ugoretz, Sheboygan County
Eugne Winkler, Winnebago County
Don  Winter, Winnebago County
Kris Young, Columbia County
Suzanne Yows, Winnebago County
Carol Zoran, Sheboygan County

7th CD
Paul Anderson*, Sawyer County
Mary  Brigh Ringberg*, Bayfield County
Pam Calhoun*, Bayfield County
Allen Campos, Taylor County
Audrey Elk, Lincoln County
Melanie Franklin, Clark County
Pete Hellios, Clark County
Gretchen  Hoover*, Oneida  County
Carrie Hutton, Marathon County
Paul Knuth, Oneida  County
John Langeland, Oneida  County
Margery  Langeland, Oneida  County
Bruce  Liddell, Vilas County
Joann Longtin, Polk County
Bryce Luchterhand, Clark County
Kara Lynn Schmidt, Douglas County
Nancy Meier, Lincoln County
David Mettille*, Ashland County
Thomas Mettille*, Ashland County
Shirley Mills, Forest County
Nick Milroy, Douglas County
John O'Dell, Langlade County
Steven Okonek, Wood County
Jim Paine*, Douglas County
Harold Peters, Marathon County
Gordon Ringberg*, Bayfield County
Kaeleen Ringberg*, Ashland County
Stephen Rhyner, Marathon County
Melissa Schroeder*, Lincoln County
Rebekah Schroeder, Price County
Ron Schroeder*, Lincoln County
Moira Scupien*, Langlade County
Patti Smith, Taylor County
Shirley Smith, Price County
Mary Smith-Johnson, Douglas County

8th CD
Joy Bashara, Brown County
Ann Brennan-Faller, Marinette County
Danny Cole, Oconto County
Kathy DeBroux, Brown County
Carol DeGroot, Brown County
Barbara Dorff, Brown County
Edward Dorff, Brown County
Michael Draney, Brown County
Cynthia Fermanich, Brown County
Phyllis Fraser, Brown County
Gail Garrity-Reed, Brown County
Denise Gaumer-Huchison, Brown County
Dorothy Gerue, Brown County
Larry Gerue, Brown County
Mary Ginnebaugh*, Brown County
Kathleen Groat, Outagamie County
Gary Hanson, Brown County
Chuck Heidner, Brown County
Judith Heidner, Brown County
Nanette Jameson, Brown County
Edward Johnson, Shawano County
Rebecca Johnson, Shawano County
Constance Jordan, Brown County
Jim Jordan, Brown County
Daniel Jung, Brown County
Alex Krakowski*, Brown County
Richard Langan, Brown County
Sally Langan, Brown County
Carol Lorenz, Waupaca County
George Lorenz*, Waupaca County
Vicki Medland, Brown County
Timothy Mellenthin, Marinette County
Teresa Ninneman*, Brown County
Annette Nolan*, Waupaca County
Rose O’Hara, Marinette County
Deborah Oettinger, Outagamie County
Rebecca Rasmussen, Brown County
Gabrielle Salfai, Marinette County
Michael Schleis, Brown County
Nancy Schleis, Brown County
Lee Schneider*, Brown County
Carla Schroeder, Brown County
Jamie Shiner*, Brown County
Kathi Taylor, Brown County
Mark Waltman*, Outagamie County
Robert Yingst*, Oconto County


Please note: Any person elected as a delegate at the first tier who cannot attend the Congressional District Caucus will be responsible for naming an alternate from the elected alterates to serve in his/her place. This alternate must be of the same gender and presidential preference.

Alternates with support pledged to Bernie Sanders

1st CD
Nancy Eiland, Kenosha County
John Franco, Kenosha County
Carole Grant-Fogerty, Kenosha County
Norm Siler, Kenosha County
Ken Simpson, Kenosha County
Doug Vaccaro, Kenosha County
Shari Wawiorka, Kenosha County

3rd CD
Theodore Finn, Crawford County
Nan Setterlund , Pepin County

4th CD
Barbara Aho, Milwaukee County
Steven Alexander, Milwaukee County
Nicole Glaser, Milwaukee County
Margaret Hall, Milwaukee County
Lawrence Hoffman, Milwaukee County
Sherry Leitner, Milwaukee County
Michael Lisowski, Milwaukee County
Heather Marsch, Milwaukee County
Melissa Pallin, Milwaukee County
Stephen Ward, Milwaukee County
Don Wescher, Milwaukee County
Bob Whitney, Milwaukee County

5th CD
Joan Laabs, Dodge County
Lori Sherman, Dodge County
Joleen Sieja, Dodge County

6th CD
Jim Barton, Marquette County
Kim Beltt, Sheboygan County
Tom Beltt, Sheboygan County
Richard Freund, Fond du Lac County
Trevor Frintner, Fond du Lac County
Dave Hamel, Marquette County
Carol Oftedahl, Marquette County
Lea Pietsch, Waushara County
Pam Pietsch, Waushara County
Marcia Sturm, Fond du Lac County
Gary Wetzel, Fond du Lac County

7th CD
Sue  Kattas, St Croix County
Diane Mansfield, Vilas County
Gary  Mansfield, Vilas County
Deborah Moniken, St Croix County
Jackie Moore*, Ashland County
Frank Mooth, St Croix County
Jeanne Patenaude, Price County
Rebecca Peters , St Croix County
Mary Timm-Pageler, Price County

8th CD
Marta J Roszak, Oconto County
Faye Thielke, Forest County
Tom Thielke, Forest County

Alternates with support pledged to Hillary Clinton

1st CD
Gloria Rogers, Racine County
Melissa Warmer, Racine County

3rd CD
Beth Anderson, Pepin County
Joe Atkins*, Crawford County
Sharon Atkins*, Crawford County
Margaret Walz, Crawford County

4th CD
Kayissa Ambritz, Milwaukee County
Carrie Baker, Milwaukee County
Sally Barrientes, Milwaukee County
Emily Bell, Milwaukee County
Amaru Boyd, Milwaukee County
Cordelia Bryant*, Milwaukee County
Sachin Chheda, Milwaukee County
Ted Chisholm, Milwaukee County
Nicki Ciurro, Milwaukee County
Rebecca Coffee, Milwaukee County
Elizabeth Cooney, Milwaukee County
Ed Fallone, Milwaukee County
Heidi Fallone, Milwaukee County
Justin Gonzalez, Milwaukee County
Justin Gonzalez, Milwaukee County
Tim Hoelter, Milwaukee County
Jenni Hofschulte, Milwaukee County
Barbara Jacobs, Milwaukee County
David Jacobs, Milwaukee County
Helen Jacobs, Milwaukee County
Ronald Jacobs, Milwaukee County
Phyllis Kirk, Milwaukee County
Stacey Knetter, Milwaukee County
Brenda Lewison, Milwaukee County
Gary Lippow, Milwaukee County
Tara Martin, Milwaukee County
Tim Martin, Milwaukee County
Renya Moralez, Milwaukee County
LaKeshia Myers*, Milwaukee County
Tea Norfolk, Milwaukee County
Cate Phillips, Milwaukee County
Gia Pionek, Milwaukee County
Christina Pittsley*, Milwaukee County
Steven Pittsley*, Milwaukee County
Mike Plaisted, Milwaukee County
Israel Ramon, Milwaukee County
Jon Richards, Milwaukee County
Francisco Rodriguez, Milwaukee County
Zeddie Roshell, Milwaukee County
Maura Ross, Milwaukee County
Tony Rossow, Milwaukee County
Modesto Sanchez, Milwaukee County
Valerie Sauve, Milwaukee County
Travis Schwantes, Milwaukee County
Donna Shephard, Milwaukee County
Steven Strnaud, Milwaukee County
Sara Stum, Milwaukee County
Rob Sullivan, Milwaukee County
Michael Sumara, Milwaukee County
Lena Taylor, Milwaukee County
Yvonne Vegas, Milwaukee County
Anne Wacker, Milwaukee County
Jeralyn Wendelberger, Milwaukee County
Melani Woellert, Milwaukee County
JoCasta Zamarripa, Milwaukee County

5th CD
Shaina  Franzen, Washington County
Sally  Heuer, Washington County

6th CD
Tim Lorenz, Sheboygan County
Mary Polchert, Sheboygan County

7th CD
Wendy  Kloiber, Ashland County
Brian Pospeck*, Ashland County
Carrie Slater Duffy*, Ashland County
Pat DeMartino, Forest County