District Level Statement of Intent Forms

Below is a list of people who have filed Statement of Intent and Pledge of Support forms to run as as District-Level Delegate to National Convention. This list is for informational purposes only.

Support Pledged to candidate Bernie Sanders

1st CD
Angela Aker, Kenosha County
Laura Belsky, Kenosha County
Catherine Brandstetter, Kenosha County
Rebecca Freed, Rock County
John Heckenlively, Racine County
Amee Janus, Kenosha County
Stephanie Kemp, Kenosha County
April Larrabee, Racine County
Eugene Loftin, Racine County
Cameron McKenna, Racine County
Tom Murphy, Rock County
David Palmer, Racine County
Sally Simpson, Kenosha County
Joshua Skolnick, Walworth County
Susan Smyth, Rock County
Leslie  Smyth-Ayen, Rock County
Marsha Vila, Milwaukee County
Elizabeth Whitlock, Kenosha County

2nd CD
Cahleen Carpenter, Sauk County
Nicholas Cray, Dane County
Julie Crego, Dane County
Robert Crego, Dane County
Susan Curtis, Dane County
Christopher Daly, Dane County
Diana Ditsch, Dane County
James Doerflinger, Iowa County
Karen Edson, Dane County
Susan Eichhorn, Dane County
Deborah Elsas, Dane County
Michael Farrey, Dane County
Farrel Geisler, Dane County
Jay Gold, Dane County
Adam Grabski, Dane County
Jeremiah Grabski, Dane County
Jamie Gratrix, Dane County
Keith Hazelton, Dane County
John Hendrick, Dane County
Michael Johnson, Dane County
Peter Johnson, Dane County
Sunshine Jones, Dane County
Joann Kelley, Dane County
Dorothy Krause, Dane County
Lesleigh Lippitt, Sauk County
Alfred Matano, Dane County
Maureen May Grimm, Iowa County
Raymond McCullough, Dane County
Christine McDonough, Dane County
Gerald McDonough, Dane County
Jacob Miller, Dane County
Megan Moen, Dane County
Liesl Monrov, Dane County
John Oppenheimer, Dane County
Ruth O'Regan, Dane County
Michelle Paige, Dane County
Robert Paige, Dane County
Connie  Palmer, Dane County
Tod Pulvermacher, Sauk County
Robin Rabe, Rock County
Satya Rhodes-Conway, Dane County
Kyle Richmond, Dane County
Timothy Riley, Dane County
Marcia Riquelme, Dane County
Ronald Rosenberry Chase, Dane County
Reid Rossell, Dane County
Edward Sadlowski, Rock County
Alice  Schneiderman, Dane County
Marnie Schulenburg, Dane County
John Stanley, Dane County
Karla Stoebig, Dane County
Nathan Timm, Dane County
Charles Uphoff, Dane County
Mitchell Vogel, Dane County
Heidi Wegleitner, Dane County
Skye Winspur, Dane County

3rd CD
Amanda Acklin , La Crosse County
Jesse Bennett, Grant County
Sara Bentley, La Crosse County
Amanda Boucher, La Crosse County
Craig Brooks, Buffalo County
Jacquelyn  Brown, La Crosse County
William Clark, La Crosse County
Amanda DeCora, La Crosse County
Nicholas Dutton, La Crosse County
Peter Flesch, Crawford County
David Gorski, Wood County
Robert Hansen, La Crosse County
Sandra  Hansen, La Crosse County
Barbara Heqet, Wood County
Bryan James, Trempealeau County
Bruce Johnson, Pepin County
Amy Jones, La Crosse County
Mason Kane, Grant County
Melissa Kerr, La Crosse County
Obbie King, La Crosse County
Megan Kranz, Pierce County
Michael Kranz, Pierce County
George Kruezer, Vernon County
Matthew LaRonge, Portage County
Matt LeBonte, La Crosse County
Alicia Leinberger, Vernon County
Virginia London, Portage County
Yia Lor-Knepper, Trempealeau County
Jaye Maxfield, Grant County
William McLoughlin, Monroe County
Jillian Medugno, La Crosse County
Benjamin Miller, La Crosse County
Michael Mooney, Grant County
Glen Moseley, Monroe County
Benjamin Plunkett, Pierce County
Scott Preuss, Portage County
Wil Raasch, Eau Claire County
Matthew Schauenburg, Grant County
Pat Simpson, Pepin County
John Spalding, Chippewa County
Rachel Teske, La Crosse County
Michael Turner, Eau Claire County
Cathy Van Maren, La Crosse County
Arlene Vrlec, La Crosse County
Bob Welsh, Crawford County
Xong  Xiong, La Crosse County
Daniel  Zielke, La Crosse County

4th CD
Jamie Alvarado, Milwaukee County
Eric Buechele, Milwaukee County
Jim Carpenter, Milwaukee County
Stephanie  Findley, Milwaukee County
Mark Foreman, Milwaukee County
Brandon Gross, Milwaukee County
Timothy Jaeger, Milwaukee County
Bryan Kennedy, Milwaukee County
Rachel Kiefer, Milwaukee County
Mary Laan, Milwaukee County
Justin Lockridge, Milwaukee County
Matthew Mangan, Milwaukee County
Eric Marsch, Milwaukee County
Devon Marx-Salzman, Milwaukee County
Supreme Moore Omokund, Milwaukee County
Christopher Muszynski, Milwaukee County
Marcelia Nicholson, Milwaukee County
Cynthia Pawelski, Milwaukee County
Kirstin Richards, Milwaukee County
Corinne Rosen, Milwaukee County
Julie Roubik, Milwaukee County
William Sanders, Milwaukee County
Luz Sosa, Milwaukee County
James Dean Vaillancourt, Milwaukee County
Tomika Vukovic, Milwaukee County
Walter Wilson, Milwaukee County
Natalie Wisco, Milwaukee County

5th CD
Jean Burns Jaworski, Milwaukee County
Andrew Christopherson, Milwaukee County
Thomas Coyne, Jefferson County
Levens DeBack, Milwaukee County
Kimberly Engels, Milwaukee County
Cynara Fode, Waukesha County
David Fode, Waukesha County
Eric Gardner, Waukesha County
Robert Hansen, Milwaukee County
Joseph Kanzleiter, Waukesha County
Kevin Kopplin, Jefferson County
Gerald Leahy, Waukesha  County
Michael O'Connell, Walworth County
Brandon Reeves, Waukesha County
Lisa Ritzert, Jefferson County
Chris Rockwood, Milwaukee County
Clinton Rodgers, Waukesha County
Amy Sies, Washington County
Lori Smith, Jefferson County
Tracey Sperko, Milwaukee County
Alexis Visotcky, Milwaukee County
Adam Waters, Jefferson County
Megan Witt, Washington County
Michelle Zahn, Dodge County

6th CD
Frank Buress, Marquette County
Paul Czisny, Fond Du Lac County
Alan Derzon, Ozaukee County
David Dorn, Fond du lac County
John Engel, Winnebago County
Cody Gabrielson, Sheboygan County
Mark Gennis, Ozaukee County
Ryan Hamann, Winnebago County
James Isaacson, Columbia County
Joanne Kaus, Ozaukee County
Robert Kelderman, Dodge County
Shawn Kelderman, Dodge County
Thomas Kitchen, Fond Du Lac County
Janan Najeeb, Ozaukee County
Mike Norton, Winnebago County
Richard  Opie, Manitowoc County
Christopher Ray, Winnebago County
James Steinbruecker, Sheboygan County
Patricia VandeHei, Sheboygan County
Troy Winkelman, Winnebago County
Maura (Chip) Yost, Manitowoc County

7th CD
Thomas Albrecht, Polk County
Julie Allen, Lincoln County
Bruce Anderson, Rusk County
Mary Asbach, Ashland County
Melisa Bailey, St. Croix County
Shondel Barber, Sawyer County
Rebecca Bonesteel, St. Croix County
Kimberly Butler, Polk County
Lawrence Dale, Vilas County
Daniel DeMaio, St. Croix County
Sean Downing, St. Croix County
Patrick  Duffy, Ashland  County
Albert Flora, Sawyer County
Joel Hinnenkamp, St. Croix County
Maria Hutchinson, St. Croix County
Kimberly Lawton, Bayfield County
John Ludwig, Douglas County
Ruth Ludwig, Douglas County
Michael Martin, Ashland County
Peggy McDowell, Lincoln County
Lori Miller, Marathon County
Jacqueline Moore, Ashland County
Richard Petersen, St. Croix County
Joshua Renner, Marathon County
Frank Rutherford, Sawyer County
David Schnell, Douglas County
Jan Schnell, Douglas County
Robert Traczyk, Iron County
Kelly Westlund, Ashland County
Jodi Woellner, Marathon County

8th CD
Emily Cone, Calumet County
Louise Ebben, Outagamie County
Mary Green, Waupaca County
Cathy Hunttowski, Brown County
Aditya Kaushika, Outagamie County
Delaney Keshena, Outagamie County
Ingrid Lesley, Waupaca County
Dmitri Martin, Waupaca County
Desiree May, Brown County
Peter Metzig, Waupaca County
Noel Moore, Oconto County
Phillip Nolan, Waupaca County
Cora Pynenberg, Outagamie County
Eric Reimer, Brown County
Kayla Taggart, Outagamie County
Jade Thomson, Outagamie County
Matthew Van Grinsven, Outagamie County
Andrew Walsh, Outagamie County
Sharon Wasileski, Calumet County
Daniel Weidner, Shawano County

Support Pledged to candidate Hillary Clinton

1st CD
Margaret Andrietsch, Racine County
Karen Erb, Kenosha County
Cory Mason, Racine County
Roger Merry, Rock County
Catherine Myers, Rock County
Marlene Ott, Milwaukee County
Michael Schindhelm, Waukesha County
Bradley Schwanda, Milwaukee County
Margaret Wolfers, Kenosha County

2nd CD
Judith Blank, Green County
Heather Colburn, Dane County
Beth Cox, Dane County
Fae Dremock, Dane County
S. Alan Furnas, Dane County
Luke Fuszard, Dane County
Detria Hassel, Dane County
Linda Hoskins, Dane County
Frances Huntley-Cooper, Dane County
Rukhsana Hina- Gul Khiliji, Dane County
Laurie Kromm, Iowa County
Christine Lazar, Dane County
Gerald Lindas, Dane County
Kathleen Lindas, Dane County
Frank Long, Dane County
Arvina Martin, Dane County
Sondra Milkie, Dane County
Crystal Miller, Dane County
Sadie Pearson, Dane County
James Penczykowski, Dane County
Kimbra Pierce, Dane County
Kelda Roys, Dane County
Andrew Schauer, Dane County
Juliette Schick, Dane County
Nathan Schwantes, Dane County
John Smallwood, Dane County
Sheila Stubbs, Dane County
Scott Tyre, Dane County

3rd CD
Joseph Atkins, Crawford County
Sharon Atkins, Crawford County
Marjorie Bunce, Eau Claire County
Veronica (Vicki) Burke, La Crosse County
Denise Bustamante, Eau Claire County
Bobbi Green, Eau Claire County
Ryan Greendeer, Jackson County
Micheal Gumbert, Eau Claire County
Elizabeth (Betty) Havlik, Vernon County
Gary Hawley, Portage County
Edward Hayes-Hall, Crawford County
Wendy Johnson, Eau Claire County
Samuel Levin, Portage County
Trapper Mitchell, Grant County
Lori Morton-Lockley, La Crosse County
Diane Odeen, Pierce County

4th CD
Brandy Bond, Milwaukee County
Cordelia Bryant, Milwaukee County
Carmen Cabrera, Milwaukee County
Patrick Guarasci, Milwaukee County
Jill Huennekens, Milwaukee County
Ann Jacobs, Milwaukee County
Nancy Kaplan, Milwaukee County
Johannah Karstedt, Milwaukee County
Denice Kehoe, Milwaukee County
Patrick Kehoe, Milwaukee County
Alexander Lasry, Milwaukee County
Felesia Martin, Milwaukee County
Terrell Martin, Milwaukee County
Craig Mastantuono, Milwaukee County
LaKeshia Meyers, Milwaukee County
Alison Modrak, Milwaukee County
Christina Pittsley, Milwaukee County
Steven Pittsley, Milwaukee County
Marla Stephens, Milwaukee County
Zach Vornholt, Milwaukee County
Christopher Walton, Milwaukee County
Andrew Warner, Milwaukee County

5th CD
Mary Blaska, Waukesha County
Lynn Carey, Washington County
Ryan Champeau, Waukesha County
Lillian Cheesman, Milwaukee County
Vivien DeBack, Milwaukee County
Emmanuel Devera, Waukesha County
Erin Forrest, Jefferson County
Alexander Gill, Washington County
Shah Haqqi, Waukesha County
Tanya Lohr, Washington County
Dawn Martin, Milwaukee County
Dian Palmer, Waukesha County
Jake Velleman, Waukesha County
Greg Walz-Chojnacki, Milwaukee County

6th CD
Mary Arnold, Columbia County
Christine Boon, Ozaukee County
Jacqueline Burke, Dodge County
Rita Czukas, Ozaukee County
Joan Kaeding, Winnebago County
Deborah Klock, Sheboygan County
Deborah Martin, Winnebago County
Joseph Messinger, Ozaukee County
Charlene Opie, Manitowoc County
Marianne Quick, Waushara County
John Waldman, Columbia County
Lila Waldman, Columbia County

7th CD
Paul Anderson, Sawyer County
Mary Brigh Ringberg, Bayfield County
Pamela Calhoun, Bayfield County
Chester Golat, Rusk County
Gretchen Hoover, Oneida County
David Mettille, Ashland County
Thomas Mettille, Ashland County
Jim Paine, Douglas County
Brian Pospeck, Ashland County
Gordon Ringberg, Bayfield County
Kaeleen Ringberg, Ashland County
Melissa Schroeder, Lincoln County
Ron Schroeder, Lincoln County
Moira Scupien, Langlade County
Michael  Skrypek, Rusk County
Carrie Slater-Duffy, Ashland County
Aaron Zitzelsberger, Marathon County

8th CD
Marty Briggs, Brown County
Garrett Cohn, Door County
Mary Ginnebaugh, Brown County
Dan Grady, Outagamie County
Alex Krakowski, Brown County
George Lorenz, Waupaca County
Teresa Ninneman, Brown County
Annette Nolan, Waupaca County
Scarlet Pena, Outagamie County
Lee Schneider, Brown County
Jamie Shiner, Brown County
Mark Waltman, Outagamie County
Robert Yingst, Octonto County