Democratic Leadership Institute

The Democratic Leadership Institute prepares you with the skills you need to start your career in progressive politics. 

This is an opportunity for high schoolers, college students, recent graduates, and others who are looking to start their careers in Democratic and progressive politics in the state of Wisconsin. The trainings help attendees learn about various aspects of political campaigning and offers networking opportunities with Wisconsin political professionals. 

The training features modules on campaign skills and a campaign simulation — taught and led by operatives with decades of experience from a variety of campaigns and organizations in Wisconsin.

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Note: The Democratic Leadership Institute, as a project of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, has a vision for a deeply inclusive and diverse party organization, membership, and electorate. In order for the institute to be successful, candidates must have demonstrated cultural competence with a diverse group of constituency groups. We strongly encourage applicants with ties to Black, Latin@/Latinx, AAPI, Muslim, Indigenous, non-English-speaking, differing ability, rural, working class and no-income, Veteran, and LGBTQ communities to apply.