WisDems Greenfly

Help amplify our unified, Democratic messaging using social media. Join WisDems on Greenfly!

What is Greenfly?

Greenfly is a mobile app that allows the WisDems social media team to give you graphics, videos, links, and suggested captions to share almost instantly to your social media accounts! 

We will send you guided social media content, ask you to send content to us, message with you, and more—all on the app. Greenfly helps us be clear, loud, and unified in our messaging online. 

On Greenfly, you can:

    • Receive exclusive social media content from the WisDems social media team, including graphics, videos, links, and suggested captions.
    • Connect your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and share instantly with a push of a button.
    • Share your own content with the WisDems social media team so that we can amplify your county or group’s work.

Get started

Greenfly is free to download and can be used right away! It’s available for your smartphone and tablet. Greenfly is not available to use on the desktop. 

Here’s how to download and join WisDems Greenfly: 

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone and download the Greenfly app. The logo will look like this:
  2. When prompted, enter the unique invite code: WISDEMS
  3. Set up your profile and allow notifications (this is very important so you get alerted every time we send you the most relevant, urgent social media content!) 

Upcoming trainings

Want to learn more about Greenfly? Join one of our upcoming live training sessions! More dates and times will be added, so check back frequently to sign up for future trainings:


Thursday, March 16th at 5:30pm

Wednesday, March 22 at 3pm

Tuesday, March 28th at 4:30pm

Friday, March 31st at 10:30am

Sharable Graphic Examples:

Governor Tony Evers Quote:


Governor Tony Evers Quote:


Gearing up for elections:

Gearing up for elections:

Video of volunteers in rural Wisconsin: 

Video of volunteers in rural Wisconsin: 

Congratulating Minority Leader Neubauer:

Congratulating Minority Leader Neubauer: