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18 Days to Go!

November 6th is rapidly approaching, and friends, there is so much opportunity in front of us. We are faced with the choice of continuing business as usual in Wisconsin, or electing new leaders like Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, Josh Kaul, Doug LaFollette and Sarah Godlewski, along with hundreds of Democratic candidates working across the state to create real, meaningful change for the people of Wisconsin.

It is our responsibility to make democracy happen; it doesn’t work on its own. Democracy takes courage, it takes perseverance, it takes people power, it takes diligence. There will never be a more appropriate time to activate our democracy than over the next two and a half weeks.

"Gary and the rest of the Portage County Democrats run a tight ship here in Stevens Point — they’re knocking doors and making calls every day until the election. Thank you for your hard work!" -- @tammybaldwin

Democrats are poised for major success in Wisconsin, from the top of the ticket on down. When I hear stories from candidates across the state about their time talking to folks on the doors, I am even more inspired to get these people elected. Our ticket is filled with hardworking candidates who I know will keep their promises to Wisconsinites.

Last week at DPW's business forum and our annual Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner, I could tell that Democrats in Wisconsin are ready for a change. We are well aware of just how tough these next few weeks are going to be, but I’m asking you to keep moving forward, keep activating democracy in your community. Our dream doesn't work unless we do. 

Find a candidate in your community that you’re passionate about and lean in. Find out what their greatest needs are, and help them out in whatever way you are able. Knock doors, register voters, make calls, donate if you can. Whatever you do to get Democratic candidates across that November 6th finish line, I promise you, you will reap the rewards tenfold of a Wisconsin that’s working for the people.

There’s not too much or too little that can be done when everything is at stake. I urge you, there has never been a better time to fight for your rights and our democracy, get involved now.

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Scott Walker Won't #ProtectOurCare

As if his empty health care promises weren’t enough to drive us all crazy, Governor Walker can’t even drum up enough support from Republican legislators for a vote on pre-existing condition care for Wisconsinites! This week Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said he wouldn’t have the votes to pass a plan like the one Walker suggested. After some unconvincing backtracking, saying he does, in fact, have the votes, Sen. Fitzgerald hardly had anyone fooled by his complete 180.

What’s perhaps even more unnerving for the 2.4 million Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions is the way Scott Walker continues to spread misinformation about his record on healthcare. Let me remind you, Walker has…

  • Authorized Brad Schimel to head up a lawsuit undermining the Affordable Care Act

  • Threatened the care of 2.4 million Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions with repeated support of Congressional ACA repeal efforts

  • Called our current debate over pre-existing conditions a “distraction”

Now FOUR of Walker’s ex-officials have spoken out, publicly condemning the way Walker runs his administration. These people, all heads of their agencies, shared a letter that they wrote denouncing Walker’s governorship and publicly endorsing Tony Evers. As we watch these folks walk away from Walker out of frustration, distrust, and lack of transparency, I have to ask, what else is he hiding? If his closest allies are turning against him, I can only imagine what else he has up his sleeve.

These folks are putting the good of our state over politics, which is not only admirable but necessary as we’re facing some challenging weeks ahead. Their perspective on the true operations of the Walker administration is exactly what we Wisconsinites have suspected for some time now. Highlighting everything from his fiscal irresponsibility to blatant disregard for transparency, their letter notes, “it starts with transportation, education and safety issues and extends to pervasive questionable practices within the administration…They simply did everything in their power to avoid transparency in his decision-making process so they could not be held to account.” Wisconsin voters will surely keep this in mind as they head to the polls on November 6th.

The reality is, Wisconsinites can’t handle another four years of Scott Walker. His policies and partisan gambles have put the health and safety of Wisconsinites on the line for too long. People deserve a governor who will advocate for their families to get the care they need, and the man for the job is Tony Evers.

"Potholes. Gravel. Traffic. Scott Walker’s playing politics with our roads and we’re all left with the consequences."

Brad Schimel Refuses Accountability

When Josh Kaul and Brad Schimel took the stage in three debates this past week, one word rang loud and clear: Accountability.

Brad Schimel couldn't be bothered to defend his chronically misplaced priorities throughout his time as AG. He wouldn't take responsibility for neglecting the massive rape kit backlog, delaying justice for thousands of victims. He refuses to stand up to dangerous special interest groups like the NRA and support common-sense gun safety reform measures that the majority of Wisconsinites support. He has no defense for his taxpayer-funded trip to a conference hosted by a known LGBT-hate group. He can’t explain why he’s done nothing more than lackluster, stop-gap measures to address the opioid crisis in Wisconsin.

Greg Dixon, State Journal

Schimel’s dirty brand of politics doesn’t sit well with Wisconsinites. They see through his hyper-partisan intentions and realize that this is not how our state’s top cop should act.

Josh Kaul, on the other hand, stood up for Wisconsinites during these debates. He demonstrated to us what a responsible, honest, truthful Attorney General looks like. He took the time to explain why his plan for the AG’s office would actually protect Wisconsinites, rather than pawn issues off or shuffle them away like Schimel has spent his career doing. Josh believes in accountability because he knows that's how an Attorney General should act.

Watch Josh's latest ad putting Brad Schimel to task for failing to swiftly test Wisconsin's rape kit backlog

Column from Sen. Vinehout

“State and local races have a real impact on our lives. Who becomes our Governor, who has majority control of the Legislature determines what priorities move forward. These decisions affect our local communities... "I unfortunately hear from some folks who believe their vote doesn’t matter. Many races in Wisconsin are very close. For example, in 2010, I won my State Senate race by one vote.."

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Candidate Spotlight -- Sarah Godlewski!

I am so excited to elect Sarah Godlewski for State Treasurer on November 6th! Her plan to address the student loan crisis in our state is exactly what hardworking Wisconsinites need to get ahead in our economy. I’m confident Sarah will return integrity, fiscal responsibility, and leadership to the office of the State Treasurer.

Watch Sarah's latest video!