25 Days to Go: Weekly News from your Democratic Party of Wisconsin

May 18, 2018

Special Election Update

Caleb Frostman and Ann Groves Lloyd are running in the special elections that Gov. Walker had to be brought to court to hold!

We’re less than one month out from what is looking to be an exciting day for Wisconsin Democrats! On June 12th,  Ann Groves Lloyd and Caleb Frostman will have the chance to flip Assembly District 42 and Senate District 1 blue!

Ann Groves Lloyd knows what the people of the 42nd Assembly District need from their elected officials. Originally from a small town right outside Lodi, Ann has had the opportunity to engage with, listen to, and understand how best to represent the constituents of AD 42 in her role as alderperson on the Lodi Common Council. Ann recognizes that we should be prioritizing Wisconsin-based businesses, providing comprehensive health care options for all people, and says she will work with her colleagues in the Assembly to enact paid family leave.

In her latest video, Ann shows why it’s so important for every Wisconsinite to have access to clean drinking water

A bit further north, in Senate District 1, Caleb Frostman is Wisconsin through and through. Caleb is a hunter and recognizes the importance of environmental protections to preserve our state’s beauty for generations to come. Caleb has served the constituents of SD 1 at the Door County Economic Development Corporation and sits on several boards throughout the district.

Once elected, Caleb plans to create policy that supports entrepreneurship and creativity throughout Wisconsin, especially for young people in his area. He recognizes the need to fully fund our public education, from our elementary schools all the way up to our technical colleges and the UW System.

Caleb emphasizes the importance of job and skills training for our economy

On June 12th, voters in the 42nd Assembly District and 1st Senate District will have the opportunity to participate in the long-overdue special elections that Scott Walker fought hard to stop from happening. Before then, find out if you live in either of these districts and take some time to make sure you are registered to vote so you can cast your ballot for our candidates!

Ann and Caleb are the right candidates for the job. They know what their constituents need, and plan to create real, meaningful change during their time in the legislature.

We all need to pull together in one direction to get Caleb and Ann to the legislature. Can we count you in as a volunteer?

I’d love to volunteer!

Stories from our Organizing Teams

Our organizers are doing an amazing job building neighborhood action teams across the state! Here are some highlights from their work so far:

LUCHA – Dane County Action Team: LUCHA is a Latinx focused countywide action team that has come to fruition in Dane County! They are actively engaged in a signature weekend of action to bring out as many members from the Latinx community as possible to secure nomination signatures for Sen. Tammy Baldwin. This is the first of many events that will be led by this new action team. I am excited that LUCHA will be a model for the development of more action teams across the state so we can bring more members of Wisconsin’s communities of color to the table. 

Volunteer Story – Jacquelyn B Jackson: Jacquelyn is an educator over 30 years of experience teaching and mentoring young people who lives in Beloit and is a member of Beloit Rocks the Vote. She’s politically active because she wants to make sure members of the black community are provided an opportunity to vote in future elections and hold leadership roles. Jacquelyn’s father was the first black state representative in Racine as well as the first black chair of the Democratic Party and has inspired her to break down more barriers. We’re so lucky to have her!


Walker uses Foxconn deal to enrich his campaign’s finance chair

It was only a matter of time until Scott Walker began using the Foxconn deal to personally enrich his donors.

On Monday, Foxconn announced that Hammes Co., headed up by Republican megadonor and finance chair for Walker’s re-election campaign Jon Hammes, will be developing the masterplan for Foxconn’s Racine location. The Foxconn deal has been funded by taxpayer dollars, and now we are seeing these dollars go straight into the hands of people who run Walker’s campaign!

Wisconsinites are tired of everything revolving around Walker’s political ambitions while their voices and concerns continue to go unheard and disrespected. Scam after corrupt deal after manipulation has been the M.O. for the Walker Administration for the past eight years and Wisconsinites have had enough of the corruption that has permeated our state.

Wisconsinites want our classrooms fully funded, they want a solution to our state’s broken infrastructure, and they want good-paying jobs in their communities. They want our elected officials to lead with responsibility and accountability. Democrats know what is right and fair, and we are prepared to lead.


Senate Democrats vote to save net neutrality rules

I am proud of Senator Tammy Baldwin and Senate Democrats for voting to save the internet this week.

Republicans’ decision to repeal net neutrality rules was an attack on our economy, on our right to free speech, and on middle and low income folks who would be forced to opt for slower internet simply because they cannot afford to pay for their premium internet access. The best interests of Wisconsinites is not being met by restricting the internet.

In order to support hardworking people, we should be giving them the tools to succeed, and today Senator Baldwin voted to protect hardworking Wisconsinites.


#JustFixIt: Jen Shilling kicks off
“Rough Road Tour”

Jen Shilling and TDA Wisconsin kicked off the “Rough Road Tour” this past week in La Crosse. She and other local and state leaders will be travelling around the state highlighting the effect the neglect and mismanagement of Walker’s failed leadership has had on our roads.

Our roads have become the 2nd worst in the nation under Governor Walker, and thanks to the poor condition of our roads, Wisconsinites pay an extra $637 a year on car repairs (even his former DOT secretary agrees that Walker’s mismanaged our infrastructure)! While Walker has funnelled taxpayer money into the pockets of his donors and Foxconn, Wisconsinites have had to pay the price.

Democrats know that reliable, safe infrastructure is crucial to building thriving communities. If we want economic opportunity to spread throughout the state, we need to make sure that our roads are good enough to get us there.


Vice Chair David Bowen responds to Walker’s threats to MPS

This past weekend in an interview onUp Front with Mike Gousha, Governor Walker said that Milwaukee Public Schools were not being taken care of and threatened an MPS takeover that would have detrimental consequences for Milwaukee classrooms.

First Vice Chair Rep. David Bowenresponded to Walker’s comments, criticizing his treatment of the public school systems, especially MPS. Here’s his statement:

“After years of deliberately inadequate funding for Wisconsin schools, it’s unsurprising that Governor Walker suggested he would like to double down on his ‘divide and conquer’ governing style and break up Milwaukee Public Schools. Rather than dictating how MPS operates, the state should make sure locally elected school boards and superintendents have the resources they need and the flexibility to use those resources the way they know is best for their students. Clearly Governor Walker’s time in office has led to detrimental losses of vital staff and programming to school districts like MPS, as well as rural districts throughout the state.”


Weekly Democratic Radio Address: Stroke Awareness Month

This week’s address is delivered by Sen. Mark Miller
“May is stroke awareness month. It is important to know the signs so you can help in an emergency. According to the American Stroke Association, stroke is a leading cause of death and a leading cause of preventable disability…”
Listen Here!