A Series of Unfortunate Headlines: Brian Hagedorn’s No Good, Very Bad Week

Mar 08, 2019

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March 8, 2019
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A Series of Unfortunate Headlines:
Brian Hagedorn’s No Good, Very Bad Week

MADISON — Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate and former Scott Walker lawyer Brian Hagedorn has been on the defensive this week as the fallout from revelations of his radical, partisan agenda continues to build. Hagedorn has become toxic by all measures following news that he founded a K-8 school that discriminates against the LGBTQ community, gave paid speeches to a known hate group and authored blog posts likening homosexuality to bestiality.

With just three weeks to election day, will Brian Hagedorn be able to recover from such a disastrous news cycle?

In a blow to conservatives, a national business group is staying out of the Wisconsin Supreme Court race (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): “The national organization often funnels money to Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce to help conservatives in court races but won’t do so this year…The move comes as other conservatives signal they’re staying on the sidelines…

Anti-hate leaders denounce conservative Supreme Court candidate: ‘Keep hate out of our courtrooms’ (Channel 3000): “Members of the nonpartisan group ‘We Are Many-United Against Hate’ came to the state Capitol on Thursday to stand against State Appeals Court Judge Brian Hagedorn. ‘When Mr. Hagedorn spouts his hateful words against the LGBT community and also says his hate is part of his Christian faith, that is something all of us must object to…’”

Bice: Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn reverses ‘radical position’ on church and state separation (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): “But on Tuesday, the conservative jurist did the judicial equivalent of a 180-degree turn on the so-called Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution…Constitutional scholars say Hagedorn’s past writings ran counter to nearly 100 years of Supreme Court precedent...Howard Schweber, a constitutional law professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, went a step further, saying Hagedorn’s past writings on this issue represent a ‘radical position and one far outside the mainstream.'”

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate won’t guarantee recusal from Act 10 cases, even though he helped draft it (Wisconsin State Journal): “Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn said Wednesday he won’t guarantee he would step down from future cases about Act 10, the 2011 law that reduced the power of public-sector labor unions, even though he had a role in drafting it.”

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