A Short History of Ron Johnson's Week in SCOTUS Obstructionism

Feb 19, 2016

A Short History of Ron Johnson’s Week in SCOTUS Obstructionism 

Sen. Ron Johnson had a rough week.  After immediately endorsing the “delay, delay, delay” obstructionism plan put forth by Republicans Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Mitch McConnell, Johnson has taken heat for his inability explain his position. 

While the senator hasn’t exactly been eloquent in his statements, he has been extremely consistent.  Instead of doing his job, Johnson remains firmly planted in his belief that our nation’s highest court should remain deadlocked until after President Obama leaves office.
Let’s review:
Sunday: initial statement
“I strongly agree that the American people should decide the future direction of the Supreme Court by their votes for president and the majority party in the U.S. Senate”
Monday on The Vicki McKenna Show
”Let’s have the election about the direction of this country and the direction of the Supreme Court.”
Tuesday on the Jerry Bader Show
“Doing nothing is also an action, kind of bolstering the advice that, let’s let the American people decide through their vote who the next president is that should make that appointment [to the Supreme Court].”
Wednesday on the Hugh Hewitt Show
“The American people will decide what direction the Supreme Court will take in 2017, with hopefully a Republican president.”
Thursday on All Things Considered
“We’re only 8 months before an election where the American people are going to decide the direction of the country. Why not let the American people also decide the direction of the Supreme Court?”
So on Friday, one thing remains absolutely clear: Sen. Johnson remains in lockstep with Washington Republicans who want to obstruct the nomination process for as long as possible. That’s irresponsible and would leave our nation’s highest court deadlocked for over a year.
Here’s a crystal clear message to Sen. Johnson: do your job. Consider a nominee. The people of Wisconsin can’t afford your partisan obstructionism.