Absent Adam Jarchow a no-show at two more commitments to his constituents

Jan 15, 2018

Jarchow reaffirms his commitment to his own personal ambitions

MADISON — This week, Rep. Adam Jarchow has missed a total of three commitments to his constituents, one of which was a public hearing on his own bill.

Jarchow’s colleague Rep. Nick Milroy called him out for his absence on Wednesday, saying “I’ve never seen the lead author of a highly controversial bill not show up for its public hearing,” yet Jarchow missed an additional two appointments in the following days, reaffirming his commitment to his own personal ambitions, not to his constituents.

Jarchow was a no show at:

  • A Wednesday public hearing on his bill AB712 in front of the Assembly Committee on Natural Resources.
  • A Wednesday Assembly Committee on Tourism meeting, of which Jarchow is a ranking member.
  • A Thursday AAUW forum in River Falls

Martha Laning, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, offered the following statement on Jarchow’s absenteeism:

“Jarchow’s telling voters he deserves a promotion when he can’t even meet his current legislative obligations. Why should voters trust Jarchow to advocate for their needs when he can’t manage to do the bare minimum and show up on their behalf?”

“The people of Western Wisconsin deserve a senator who will put their interests first. Jarchow has proven time and time again that his top and only priority is his career and status. Patty Schachtner, meanwhile, has stepped up to be an advocate of the people in her role as St. Croix County’s Medical Examiner and as a Somerset School Board member.”