Ahead of Donald Trump's Visit to Green Bay, Senator Tammy Baldwin and Tom Nelson Condemn his Divisive Rhetoric

Oct 17, 2016

At a press conference Monday morning in Green Bay, Tammy Baldwin and Tom Nelson called on Wisconsin Republican leaders to un-endorse Donald Trump in the wake of his continued divisive rhetoric.

“Republicans face a moral test. Do they stand with the republican party of old? The party of Lincoln. The party of Teddy Roosevelt. Or do they stand with Donald Trump? Too many of our Republican leaders in this country are failing that moral test,” said Senator Tammy Baldwin. “I just wonder how much does it take? Just what does it take for them to do so?”

“The fact that Mike Gallagher continues to stand shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump tells us all we need to know about Mike Gallagher. His continued support for Trump shows his lack of moral courage to do the right thing in the face of compelling evidence that Donald Trump is completely unfit to lead our country, said Tom Nelson. “It is time for all leaders to reject Donald Trump once and for all, and to denounce his long record of hurtful and abusive behavior.”