Americans Agree With Sen. Baldwin, Want A Made In America Economy

Mar 02, 2017

The backbone of our economy is a highly-trained workforce making products right here within our borders. So, it’s no surprise that focus groups reacted favorably to President Trump’s promise to “Buy American, and Hire American” in order to rebuild our countries infrastructure. 

Before the President’s joint address on Tuesday, Senator Tammy Baldwin made it clear that she was hoping to hear a detailed plan to strengthen our economy by making products right here in Wisconsin, and across America. While the speech lacked in details, President Trump did double down on a campaign promise to put American workers and products first. 

Immediately after the speech, pundits turned to focus groups to gauge how it was received.  

President Trump maintained his campaign message and now it’s time for President Trump to turn those words into action. Trump has already failed to act when Buy America was eliminated from water infrastructure legislation by House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican ally. If Trump really cares about making things in America again, he should lead by example.

“It’s great to see that President Trump heeded Tammy Baldwin’s call to buy products made in America again,” said Brandon Weathersby, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director, on Thursday. “Now it’s time to take action: Trump to needs stand up to the Washington establishment, big Wall Street banks, and outsourcing Republicans like Speaker Paul Ryan by supporting Senator Baldwin’s Buy America provision. America makes great products already, President Trump should buy them.”