Amid Budget Impasse, Gov. Scott Walker to Beg President Trump for a Re-Election Federal Bailout

Jul 06, 2017

Gov. Scott Walker’s fix for his party’s broken budget-writing process? Begging President Trump for a re-election bailout. The Governor and state Republicans continue to reject bi-partisan calls for long-term funding fixes, instead, opting to negotiate in secret behind closed doors – completely cutting Democrats out of the budget-writing process.   

In a memo released today, Walker proposed asking the federal government for $300 million in long-term borrowing to fill holes in his transportation budget. The proposal, while being far from the long-term solution sought by Wisconsinites, fails to address the urgency of repairing the fourth worst transportation infrastructure in the nation by ignoring the immediate repair needs of roads and bridges in communities all across the state. 

“Gov. Scott Walker rejected millions in federal funds, that the state would not have to pay back, to provide health insurance for over 79,000 of his own constituents. But when facing re-election, Walker has no problem begging President Trump for hundreds of millions of dollars in loans,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Brandon Weathersby said on Thursday. “The people of Wisconsin don’t have time for the governor’s political games. They want their roads fixed and their public schools fully funded. It’s time for Republicans to come to the table with Democrats to create real long-term solutions that focus on development and not debt.”