Wisconsin Republicans Still Refuse To Denounce Donald Trump

Sep 08, 2016

Last night, Donald Trump doubled down on his support of Russia’s strong-arm President, Vladimir Putin, showing us again how he does not have the judgement to be our Commander in Chief. 

Trump gave glowing praise to the former KGB agent’s leadership in Russia while casting the same doom and gloom message we’ve heard for months in regards to President Obama’s tenure in office. 

During the same program, the Republican nominee went out of his way to insult our military last night, saying that American generals have been “reduced to rubble.” This kind of anti-American rhetoric is unprecedented for anyone running to be President of the United States.

“What we heard last night from Donald Trump was dangerous and downright scary. Trump has made it clear he wants to antagonize our allies while shaking hands with our rivals. That doesn’t sound like someone who is qualified to be our Commander-in-Chief. Trump is unqualified for the job and he makes that crystal clear every time he opens his mouth to speak.” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Brandon Weathersby on Thursday.

Even as Trump spews anti-American sentiment and praises leaders like Putin who clearly don’t represent American values or interests abroad, Wisconsin Republicans still support their party’s nominee for President. 

Republicans like Speaker Paul Ryan, Rep. Sean Duffy, and Sen. Ron Johnson still support Trump’s candidacy and down the ballot the support from Trump is still strong. Republican silence on these latest comments and refusal to denounce Trump’s campaign is an incredible disservice to the people of Wisconsin.  

“Wisconsin Republicans won’t even denounce Donald Trump after he embraces a bully like Vladimir Putin, and insults our military,” said Weathersby. “They don’t seem to care that Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric hurts our standing in the world and makes us less safe. Wisconsin Republicans need to wake up and realize this is an election for President of the United States, not The Apprentice.”