Assembly Republicans to Issue More Tax Giveaways to Millionaires

May 04, 2017

Wisconsinites are begging their representatives to come up with a solution to fix the state’s crumbling infrastructure. Instead of listening to their constituents and fixing the fourth-worst transportation infrastructure in the nation, Republicans crafted a plan to give more tax giveaways to the wealthy.

After Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal failed to find a long-term solution, the Republican-controlled Joint Committee on Finance removed the Governor’s transportation proposal from the budget last month. Instead of working with Democrats to find a long-term solution, Assembly Republicans took it upon themselves to use the budget crisis as a means to fork over more tax giveaways to the multi-millionaires and huge corporations who fill their campaign coffers.

“Republicans’ one-size-fits-all style of governing doesn’t work. Instead of working with Democrats to find long-term solutions to our state’s problems, Republicans seem to think huge tax giveaways to those at the very top will solve all of the problems facing Wisconsinites — but they won’t. It didn’t help bring jobs back to our state after the Great Recession, and it won’t repair the crumbling roads and bridges in communities all over the state.” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Brandon Weathersby said on Thursday. “Gov. Walker, Speaker Vos, and Sen. Fitzgerald are wasting time, which only raises the taxpayer-funded price tag to repair our infrastructure. Republicans must stop looking for opportunities to enrich their wealthy friends and work with Democrats in a new committee dedicated to transportation funding to ensure Wisconsinites are safe on our roads.”