How President Biden Has Delivered for Wisconsin This Week

Jul 02, 2021


July 2, 2021 

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How President Biden Has Delivered for Wisconsin This Week

Madison Wis. — This week, President Biden visited Wisconsin to speak with Wisconsinites about the Build Back Better agenda, reaffirming his commitment to bettering the state. Wisconsinites across the state voiced their support for President Biden’s infrastructure package, recognizing the benefits it will bring to rural and urban communities alike.

Here’s what folks across the state and country are saying about President Biden’s pandemic recovery and bipartisan infrastructure package:

La Crosse Tribune: Biden visit stresses rural possibilities

  • “President Joe Biden made a stop June 29 in La Crosse to promote his infrastructure plan, pitching to communities big and small that the new bill will work for them. He made the case that the American Jobs Plan will directly benefit rural and working-class America, emphasizing the bipartisan agreement reached is a testament that it will help Americans from all walks of life.”

Brownfield Agriculture News: Farmers Union Leaders Pleased with Biden’s Infrastructure Priorities 

  • “Farmers Union leaders were pleased overall with President Biden’s comments about infrastructure improvements during a recent visit to Wisconsin.


  • “National Vice President Patty Edelburg is from Amherst, Wisconsin. She told Brownfield, ‘The fact that we’re going to be able to get people on both sides of the isle [sic] talking about repairing our roads, repairing our bridges, you know, our rail, our rural broadband finally getting something done. It’s been way too long since we’ve had a bill like this that’s going to actually do some good for our countryside.’”

Business Journal: Every job lost in the pandemic will come back by the middle of next year, the government’s official scorekeeper says

  • “The CBO is forecasting a quick economic rebound, partly because of Biden’s stimulus.


  • “US GDP will expand 7.4% this year, the highest level since the Ronald Reagan administration.


  • “It revised its forecast to account for Biden’s stimulus and easing of social distancing restrictions.”

Wisconsin State Journal: Julie Keown-Bomar: Infrastructure plan critical for Wisconsin’s economy

  • “Help educate those around you about the benefits of the American Jobs Plan, even if you don’t agree with every single line item. This is the largest investment in rural areas that most of us will see in our lifetime and it could change the quality of life in big ways. As one young writer recently wrote in the op-ed section of The New York Times, ‘The American Jobs Plan is my generation’s New Deal.’


  • “Don’t wait for one more flood or one more excuse; the time is now.”

The Capital Times: Tim Eichinger: Biden administration helped my brewery survive

  • “If we hadn’t gotten help this year, we would have had to lay everyone off and close our business for good. And I’m far from alone. A February survey by Small Business for America’s Future, an advocacy organization I’m a member of, found that more than a third of small business owners said they would only be able to operate without more relief. There’s no doubt that that contributed to 69% of small business owners supporting the American Rescue Plan.”


  • “Before the pandemic, we were open six days a week. When COVID-19 hit, we cut back to five days. Now that we’re emerging from the trials of the past year, our brewery is so busy we’re open seven days a week. This is a reflection of the partnership that the city health department and chamber of commerce have made, along with the increased federal and state dollars being invested in us.”

CNN: Biden touts bipartisan infrastructure deal in Wisconsin: ‘This is a generational investment’

WPR: Environmental Advocates Push For Increased Investment In State’s Electric Car Infrastructure

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin tourism and entertainment businesses are getting $140 million in grants