ICYMI: The Capital Times: What has Biden done for labor? Plenty.

Sep 07, 2021


September 7, 2021

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ICYMI: The Capital Times: What has Biden done for labor? Plenty.

MADISON, Wis. — Yesterday, as Wisconsin families celebrated Labor Day, The Capital Times’ Dave Zweifel recognized that President Biden has worked hand-in-hand with organized labor to ensure that workers have better wages, better hours, and better representation. 

This latest endorsement of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda alongside independent projections from the CBO, the IMF, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, and the OECD — which all forecast that this year, America will reach the highest levels of growth in nearly four decades. In addition, the economy has grown at a 6.4% annualized rate so far this year — far higher than forecasters had predicted at the end of last year.

Read key excerpts from the full column — titled “What has Biden done for labor? Plenty” — below:

  • “Some union advocates and pundits insist that Biden is the most pro-labor president since Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal.”
  • “Washington Post columnist Alyssa Fowers wrote earlier this year that ‘on his first day in office, he signed an executive order that named the creation of union jobs as a top priority of the administration. Union workers are woven into his plans for infrastructure and climate change. He created a task force to investigate how the executive branch can encourage the formation of unions without approval from Congress.’”
  • “The Wisconsin state AFL-CIO, meanwhile, points to the American Rescue Plan that Biden signed into law earlier this year — directing added unemployment funds to out-of-work Americans, protecting their health insurance and funding payroll subsidies for many businesses hit by the pandemic — as a major victory for working people both in Wisconsin and nationally.”
  • “But that’s just a beginning, the labor organization adds, holding out hope that Congress can deliver the pending infrastructure bills before the end of the year, including the massive bill aimed at human infrastructure, which includes goals long sought by labor: expanded pre-kindergarten education, family leave, child tax credits, health care expansion and climate change initiatives, for starters.”
  • “Biden has also received high marks for several executive orders, 10 of them to be exact, that are seen as helping working people.”

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