Chair Martha Laning and Rep. Dana Wachs On Donald Trump's Dangerous Economic Agenda

Aug 11, 2016

Today, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning and Representative Dana Wachs spoke at length about Donald Trump’s and Mike Pence’s dangerous agenda that would be a disaster for Wisconsin’s economy. Both spoke to how Trump and Pence have been no friend to hard working Americans, who are just trying to get ahead. In, contrast they how Hillary Clinton is building an economy that work’s for all of us, not just those at the top. Her agenda includes making the largest investment in good paying jobs since President Eisenhower, strengthening our public education system, and incentivizing companies to create jobs here at home, not shipping them over seas.

Below are excerpts from their prepared remarks:

Martha Laning

“We know that Donald Trump has earned his wealth at the expense of hardworking Americans — including manufacturing his products overseas. And we’ve heard about Mike Pence’s terrible economic record time and time again — so is it any surprise these two are peas in a pod when it comes to their thoughts on creating jobs?”

“We are stronger when we build an economy that works for everyone – not just those at the top. We need good jobs and a good quality pubic school education available in every part of Wisconsin. It’s clear from her proposals that Sec. Clinton understands that we’re stronger together, she is prepared to launch the largest investment in job creation since World War II. That’s the kind of progressive vision we need.”

“Hillary’s plan to create jobs stands in stark contrast to Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s economic policies, which would be devastating to working families. One thing is clear: Wisconsin households just can’t afford to buy what Mike Pence is trying to sell us today.”

Dana Wachs

“Hillary believes that we are stronger when we build an economy that works for everyone – not just those at the top – with good jobs and a good education available in every zip code. Mike Pence, on the other hand, is no friend to the American worker.”

“As governor of Indiana, Mike Pence’s policies hurt wages for Hoosiers time and time again. In order to allow skilled workers to earn less, he signed a law that eliminating a tool used by state and local governments to set pay rates on building projects. That law supported a livable wage for Indiana residents — it allowed them the opportunity to achieve the American dream and break into the middle class. Mike Pence changed all that with one signature.”

“It could not be more clear – Mike Pence prioritized his politics over the well being of Indiana workers time and time again. He’s so wrong for Indiana, he left before they could vote and he is wrong for Wisconsin.”