WisDems Chair Ben Wikler Statement on Gov. Evers’s Veto of Anti-Voting Legislation

Aug 10, 2021


August 10, 2021

Contact: WisDems Communications (press@wisdems.org)

WisDems Chair Ben Wikler Statement on Gov. Evers’s Veto of Anti-Voting Legislation

MADISON, Wis. — Republicans in the state legislature have attempted to curtail voting rights in Wisconsin, particularly targeting voters with disabilities and people of color. Thankfully, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers vetoed this harmful legislation, protecting voting rights and fair elections for all Wisconsinites.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement:

“With his veto of these egregious bills, Governor Evers has defended our democracy and protected the right of every person to vote, regardless of party, race, or disability. The bills passed by Wisconsin Republicans had nothing to do with election integrity, and everything to do with politicians abusing their power to rig Wisconsin elections by making it harder to vote in a way that they believed would benefit them politically. Republicans know that the 2020 election was secure, fair, and accessible, as was confirmed and reconfirmed by state and federal courts and election officials. The GOP’s bogus attacks on our electoral system have been a pretext to tilt the playing field in their own favor.

“The fight for our voting rights doesn’t end here. Republican politicians across the country are leading an all-out assault on democracy, abusing their power and trying to cheat their way into winning elections. If legislation is not passed to protect and expand voting rights at the federal level, Democratic governors will continue to be the last line of defense against these attacks on our democracy. Wisconsinites can trust Governor Tony Evers to stand up for democracy and to continue his fight for the rights of every eligible voter in the state.”