Conservatives In Chaos: The Story of The Wisconsin Republican Primary

May 18, 2022

Conservatives In Chaos: The Story of The Wisconsin Republican Primary

MADISON, Wis. – The four candidates running for governor have made this primary more about lies, conspiracies, chaos, and being the most radical candidate than about doing the right thing for Wisconsinites.

Kevin Nicholson, who spent months whining about the Wisconsin Republican Party, now can’t make up his mind on whether or not he wants the GOP’s endorsement. After multiple statements bashing those who would claim an endorsement before the August 9th primary, he came crawling back to the party, saying that he wouldn’t mind if they put his name alongside Rebecca Kleefisch and Tim Ramthun.

Despite the fact Rebecca Kleefisch has been running for years, it’s clear that members of the Republican Party are not happy with a possible Kleefisch nomination. Party leaders and Donald Trump himself have spent months recruiting anyone but her to run. Even with the pandering, Kleefisch has not yet received an endorsement from Trump himself — Tim Michels might be the one to run away with it. 

For weeks it was unclear if Tommy Thompson or Tim Michels would enter the race. In the end, Thompson decided to steal Michels’ thunder by announcing that Michels was running. In the short amount of time Michels has been in the race, it has already been a disaster. Michels was forced to respond to ethical questions after saying that he hoped his family’s company would continue to bid on state contracts, even if he became governor. He also had to go on defense when a Wisconsin Right Now article accused Michels of being a part-time Wisconsinite.

Unlike the Republican candidates, Governor Tony Evers continues to do the right thing for Wisconsin. During his first term, Gov. Evers signed a $480 million tax cut for small businesses and families affected by the pandemic and a 15 percent income tax cut for working families. With the Main Street Bounceback program more than 4,200 small businesses in all 72 counties have benefited from Gov. Evers’ grants. He will always put the needs of Wisconsinites ahead of partisan politics.

“We don’t expect this convention to resolve the chaos of the Republican primary – we expect it to get worse,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Hannah Menchhoff. “The only thing Republicans continue to prove is that they are more focused on being the most radical and most divisive, which is not what Wisconsinites want.”