DC Leah Strikes Again

Jun 15, 2017

In her fight to show the Washington establishment that she’s the GOP candidate to maintain the status quo, DC Leah has taken to attacking her colleagues rather than focusing on working together to get things done. 
When asked about the Joint Finance Committee’s schedule on Mark Belling’s radio show, Senator Leah Vukmir lashed out at Assembly Republicans, including GOP Senate hopeful Rep. Dale Kooyenga, for traveling the state talking about their education plan rather than focusing on the state budget. Leah didn’t hold much back, sneering, “earlier this week the Assembly decided that they were going to go off and take their education plan around the state. It’s a plan that we in the Senate did not agree to. We feel it’s way off the mark. So rather than go off and travel the state, we have decided to stay in Madison and continue to do our work.”

The budget-writing committee is expected to reconvene today and all eyes will be on the growing division among DC Leah and her Republican colleagues.  

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Brandon Weathersby said, “DC Leah insinuated that traveling the state and hearing from the people isn’t doing the work of the legislature. While it’s not shocking, it’s certainly brazen. This week the people of Wisconsin were provided a snapshot into the GOP Senate primary tone set by DC Leah, and it’s going to be nasty.”