'DC Leah's "Rocky Mountain High" Rolling

Jul 20, 2017

This week, DC Leah is off jet-setting to meet with high dollar donors at the ALEC Convention in a different, but currently, billionaire filled DC, Denver, Colorado. While Leah is off seeing sights, greasing palms and selling out to the highest bidder, Wisconsin’s budget remains locked in a stalemate. Vukmir’s likely doomed budget proposal floated earlier this week is on life support, and instead of fixing the problems ailing Wisconsin, DC Leah is nowhere to be found.

Vukmir’s budget work has been largely twitter spats and doomed proposals. Don’t forget, D.C. Leah got into a Twitter fight with Speaker Robin Vos over her proposal to lower wages for Wisconsin workers. D.C. Leah’s plan to eliminate the prevailing wage will lower wages at a time when Wisconsinites are begging for a raise and outsource local jobs when families need good-paying jobs the most.

“D.C. Leah is off jet-setting instead of finishing her work for the people of Wisconsin. She’s gone all-in on courting big money DC insiders, this time at a Koch brothers conference in Denver, Colorado,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Brandon Weathersby said on Wednesday. “If DC Leah is more interested in courting big money across the country while Wisconsin’s budget flails, how can she be trusted to work for Wisconsin in Washington?”