Democratic Party Launches New Radio Ad – "Excuses"

Feb 09, 2016

Democratic Party Launches New Radio Ad – “Excuses”
Ad Runs Statewide, Calls Out Johnson’s Poor Excuses, Failed Record on Veterans

Today the Democratic Party of Wisconsin launched a new radio ad, titled “Excuses.”  The statewide advertisement calls out Ron Johnson for his poor excuses regarding the Tomah VA and his abysmal record of failing our veterans time and time again in the U.S. Senate.

Listen to the ad here.
Ron Johnson not only dodged responsibility following the tragedy at the Tomah VA, he consistently harms all of Wisconsin’s veterans from his perch in Washington.  Whether it’s voting 8 times against veterans’ health care, pointing fingers at his staff, or dismissing veterans’ health care as an “entitlement,” it’s beyond clear that Johnson can’t be trusted to stand up for Wisconsin’s veterans.  Ron Johnson’s excuses are not enough.
Listen to “Excuses” here and read the transcript below.
It wasn’t my fault.
It’s an entitlement.
 It cost too much.
These are all excuses Senator Ron Johnson has given for failing our veterans.
Time after time, he voted against their health care. He claimed a new veterans’ program was an “entitlement” and too costly.
But as the Green Bay Press-Gazette put it, the cost is quote – not steeper than the price many veterans paid serving.
And, when alerted to the problems at the Tomah VA Medical Center, Johnson pointed the finger at his staff.
Even though Johnson’s office knew about the problems, he took no action, shuffling the complaints into what the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel called a, “Congressional black hole.”
That’s not leadership. Wisconsin’s veterans have served their country and deserve respect when they come home, but all Ron Johnson offers them is more excuses.