Democratic Party of Wisconsin Calls Out Trump’s Anti-Women Agenda

Jul 27, 2020

July 27, 2020
Contact: Philip Shulman (phils@wisdems.org)

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Calls Out Trump’s Anti-Women Agenda

(WISCONSIN) — Since the moment he became president, Trump has used his power to dismantle women’s access to affordable, quality health care, appoint United States Supreme Court Justices with agendas hostile to women’s rights, and make it even harder for working families to afford child care. In response, women have run for and won public office at record levels. In Wisconsin in 2018, Sarah Godlewski won and flipped the red Wisconsin Treasurer position blue, Robyn Vining won an assembly seat once held by Scott Walker in the WOW counties, and Patty Schachtner won a state senate seat held by Republicans for 17 years.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Nellie Sires blasted Trump for his continued attacks on women’s health care, as well as his failure to address the child care crisis.

“In April of 2016, Donald Trump came to Waukesha proclaiming he was ‘going to be best for women’s health issues,’ and yet his presidency has promoted one of  the most anti-women, backwards looking agendas in the history of our country.”

“Even in the midst of a pandemic, Trump continues his crusade to repeal the Affordable Care Act and bring us back to a time when insurers could discriminatorily charge women more for health care, as well as refuse coverage for maternity care. Women with so-called ‘pre-existing conditions’ — which include pregnancy and rape for some insurers, could be turned away by these same insurance companies. Trump’s efforts are backed by the United States Supreme Court Justices who have proven to be a threat to Roe v. Wade, and just in the last two weeks ruled the Trump administration could allow companies to deny health care coverage for contraceptives.

“Trump has also made a habit of going after mothers and their families. In his tax scam bill, Trump whittled down the child and dependent care credit for the Wisconsin families who need it most, all the while making it easier for high-income families to get tax credits. This is compounded by his unwillingness to pass meaningful child care legislation, as well as his failed COVID-19 response that disproportionately impacted women and women of color while also forcing mothers across the Badger State to give up their jobs because they couldn’t afford child care.

“Less than three years after Trump’s declaration in the WOW counties, Democrats won every statewide election and flipped previously Republican held seats in large part because women continue to be repelled  by Trump and the Republican Party. His hostile policies towards women have only further eroded his support among women  since he was elected, and you can bet Wisconsin women will be a driving part of the coalition to vote him out of office on November 3rd.”