Democratic Party of Wisconsin Statement in Observance of Memorial Day

May 29, 2017

The following in the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning in observance of Memorial Day: 

“Today, as Americans gather to recognize and observe Memorial Day, we remember and pay tribute to the women and men who gave their lives to protect our country, our freedoms, and the values we all share. 

“For those who mourn the loss of a friend, family member, or neighbor today, our thoughts and prayers are with you on this day and every day. As a nation, we are forever indebted to the sacrifice of our fallen heroes. No words can express how grateful we are for their courage and their selflessness.

“While we remember the brave patriots who have protected this nation and our American values, we must honor their sacrifice by working to ensure we recognize our living veterans each day by providing the best possible care from the country they served. We can never fail to protect those who risk it all to protect our country and our freedoms overseas.”