Democratic Party of Wisconsin Statement on SCOTUS Decision to Review Partisan Redistricting

Jun 19, 2017

The following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning with regards to the Supreme Court of the United States’ decision to review partisan redistricting in Wisconsin:

“Last year, the courts found that the 2011 redistricting process, led by state Republicans behind closed doors, created Assembly district lines that violated the constitutional rights of the voters.

“I am confident that the 2011 legislative maps will be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court as well and electoral fairness will be restored to Wisconsin. District maps should be fair and each vote should matter. Every voter should have their voice heard and have the chance to be represented by someone who shares their values.

“I look forward to the creation of new district lines that respect Wisconsin’s tradition of fair and open government and ensure that all of the people and communities in our state are represented equally.”