Democratic Party Starts Ad Buy on Republican Bills Ushering in New Era of Corruption

Oct 19, 2015

Democratic Party Starts Ad Buy on Republican Bills Ushering in New Era of Corruption

Ad Campaign Will Raise Awareness of Fast-Tracked Bills to Allow
Corporate Money in Campaigns for First Time in Wisconsin History

 Madison – Martha Laning, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, today announced a digital ad campaign to call attention to the numerous bills being fast-tracked by the Republican leadership in the Wisconsin State Legislature this week that will foster corruption in Wisconsin elections. The statewide ad campaign will call attention to the bills coming that will be voted on this week to eliminate the state elections watchdog agency and rewrite campaign finance bills to allow corporate money into state elections for the first time in Wisconsin history.

 “Republicans know Wisconsin residents want them to focus on fixing our roads, investing in our schools and helping all Wisconsinites instead of just a select few. Since they are only working on bills to help their own campaigns, they are rushing these bills through in the hopes no one will notice. Wisconsin Democrats are holding press conferences and starting an ad campaign to let everyone know these dangerous bills are about to be voted on this week,” said Laning.

 “Republicans are hoping to quickly pass these bills to eliminate the GAB and allow corporate funding of Wisconsin elections before too many people even see everything in these bills. These dramatic changes are moving too fast,” said Laning. 

 Speaker Vos introduced an 18-page amendment to the bill to rewrite Wisconsin’s campaign finance laws (AB 387) on Thursday hours before the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections voted on the bill. The amendment contained over 100 changes to the original bill and was not accompanied by the summary usually done by Legislative Council because there wasn’t enough time for one to be completed. The committee chair forced a vote on the bill even though most members were not aware of everything the amendment would do to current law.

 “Wisconsin’s tradition of clean, honest elections is under attack this week. Wisconsin Democrats are doing everything they can to slow the bill down so the press and the public can learn more about it before they become law. There is simply no reason changes this big need to be voted on this week. Speaker Vos is rushing these bills because he knows if he allows people to see everything that is in the bill, people will be outraged,” said Laning.

 The Assembly will also vote on a bill to end John Doe investigations for political crimes (AB 68) and a bill to eliminate the Government Accountability Board (AB 388) this week.

 “No one is calling for corporate money to be spent on elections for the first time in Wisconsin history. And when was the last time you heard someone ask for more horrible campaign ads on TV by anonymous out-of-state groups?” asked Laning.