Democrats Call for Higher Ed, Lower Debt Bill to Pass

Oct 07, 2015

Democrats Call for Higher Ed, Lower Debt Bill to Pass 

Every Democrat Sponsors Bill, Zero Republicans 

Madison – As over one million Wisconsin graduates and former students struggle under the weight of $18 billion in student loan debts, Wisconsin Democrats are united in their call to pass the Higher Ed, Lower Debt bill this session. Martha Laning, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, today applauded their efforts and urged Republicans to join them.

“Every single Wisconsin Democrat is a sponsor of the Higher Ed, Lower Debt bill because it’s not fair to deny students the ability to refinance their student debt just like we do with mortgages,” said Laning. “Republicans are blocking the entrance to the middle class for far too many Wisconsin residents because they refuse to let students refinance their loans.” 

Numerous studies have shown the impact large student loan payments have on consumer choices after college. The One Wisconsin Institute released a study showing hundreds of millions are spent on student loan payments rather than being put back into our economy with home and car purchases. Earlier this year, former Republican Governor Mitch Daniels raised concerns about the impact those struggling with student loan debts is having on our economy because they postpone marriage, having children and buying a home.

“It’s hard to even think about buying a car after college if you are faced with a student loan payment bigger than many car payments,” said Laning. “The Higher Ed, Lower Debt bill introduced by Senator Hansen and Representative Cory Mason will give college students a real shot at the middle class by making their student loan burden more manageable.”

“Not a single Republican is a cosponsor of the Higher Ed, Lower Debt bill even though every one of them has thousands of people in their district who needs this help. I urge them to work with Democrats to get this common-sense legislation passed this session,” concluded Laning.