Despite Touting Opioid Task Force Work, Vukmir Blew Off Meetings

Oct 03, 2018

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018
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Despite Touting Opioid Task Force Work, Vukmir Blew Off Meetings
Vukmir failed to show up for 7 of 10 meetings of the Governor’s Opioid Task Force

MADISON — On the campaign trail, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir has proudly touted her position on Gov. Scott Walker’s Opioid Task Force and claimed credit for its work, but a review of Vukmir’s Task Force attendance records “found Vukmir attended only three of 10 meetings in person.”

VUKMIR CLAIM: Vukmir has campaigned on her role on the Task Force and even claimed credit for its findings…

  • Vukmir: “We’ve Done A Really Good Job And I’ve Been Proud To Be Part Of The Governor’s Task Force.” “So what we have done in Wisconsin has been we passed over some twenty some bills addressing this and increasing awareness among first responders and law enforcement, there’s so much more that we can do, but I think we’ve done a really good job and I’ve been proud to be part of the Governor’s task force on heroin and opiod addiction. So I hope that I have the ability to continue to weigh in as a health care professional on the federal level as well.” [Dane County GOP event, 4/5/18]
  • Vukmir Said She Was “Proud” Of Her Work On The Task Force. “What I think about what we’ve done here in Wisconsin, what I’ve also been proud to be a part of the H.O.P.E. agenda. I have been a part of the Governor’s task force. I have worked with so many of you in law enforcement, talking about this troubling problem that were dealing with the heroin and opioid addiction and I applaud all of you.” [Badger State Sheriff’s Association event, 5/23/18]
  • Vukmir Took Credit For “Suggestions” That “Came Out Of Our Task Force.” “I was heartened to see they are taking many of the suggestions and ideas that came out of our task force.” [Fresh Take With Josh Dukelow, 6/11/18]
  • Vukmir Said She Was “Committed” To The Opioid Task Force’s Work. “I’m a member of the governor’s task force on heroin and opioid abuse. I’m committed to finding alternatives to treating pain, so our veterans don’t become addicted and I was really heartened by the approach, that they’re taking a very holistic approach to alternatives. It mirrors exactly what we’re doing with the work of our task force. Looking at alternatives like PT, OT, acupuncture, cognitive behavioral therapy, other non-addictive drugs.”  [The Steve Scaffidi Show, 4/18/18]
  • Vukmir Plugged Her Work On The Governor’s Opioid Task Force: “We Are Working On It.” “We are working on [addressing the opioid crisis], we have been for the last several sessions under Governor Walker’s leadership and the task force that I’m on for heroin and opioid drug abuse that’s chaired by the Lieutenant Governor and representative John Nygren.” [The Jay Weber Show, 2/23/18]

THE TRUTH: Vukmir only attended 3 of 10 Opioid Task Force meetings in person, and Vukmir didn’t participate during the two additional meetings that she called into. 

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This morning the Democratic Party of Wisconsin hosted a media call with DPW Chair Martha Laning to highlight Vukmir’s absenteeism. You can listen to the call here