Donald Trump's Tax Return Problem

Aug 12, 2016

For a long time now, we have known that Donald Trump’s dangerous policies are coupled with a selfish drive to help those at the top, like himself, get ahead. But as the Republican nominee heads back to Wisconsin next week he continues to hide the truth from Wisconsin voters by refusing to release his tax returns. 

For the past forty years, it has been tradition for presidential candidates of the two major political parties to release their tax returns. While not a legal obligation, the gesture is an courtesy to the voters who see the practice as a means of judging a candidate’s honesty, integrity, and willingness to be open and transparent. 

His unwillingness to release his tax returns should make voters uneasy as Trump. Whatever he is clearly hiding that he doesn’t want the public to see must be much worse that all the speculation spurred by his secrecy. Does Donald Trump pay any taxes?

Here in Wisconsin, Diane Hendricks, the Beloit billionaire who co-founded ABC supply Co. and major Republican donor, has a net worth of roughly 5 billion dollars. Hendricks, Vice Chair of the “Trump Victory” fundraising committee, did not pay income tax between 2012 and 2014. Hendricks and her ilk know full well that under a Trump Presidency, the rich would continue to get richer and everyone else would fall farther behind. We cannot allow this to happen.

Hendricks has done such a good job of not paying her fair share of taxes that the prolific Scott Walker fundraiser is also now an economic adviser for Donald Trump. It is not difficult to imagine why Trump added Hendricks as an economic adviser with her expertise in limiting taxes for corporations and extremely wealthy. Donald Trumps economic advisor team is made up of people like Diane Hendricks – people who have little care for or understanding of the struggles everyday Wisconsinites and Americans face.

Sec. Hillary Clinton has released three decades worth of tax returns. She has spent her entire political career fighting against the influences of the super-rich and knows that corporate loopholes on the state and national level need to be changed for the betterment of our communities, our states and our nation.  

“Sec. Hillary Clinton has a plan to make America’s economy stronger starting on day one and it includes making sure that big corporations and those at the very top pay their fair share,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning said on Friday. “The contrast for the voters on this issue couldn’t be any more stark. Donald Trump wants to protect billionaires like himself who pay almost nothing in taxes, while Sec. Hillary Clinton knows that this country and our economy will be stronger if we all pitch in and work together.”